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  1. I'm sorry, was totally clear in my head, haha. So I'm using an interpolate utility method inside a timeline onUpdate function. I'm feeding it this.progress() to interpolate the start, end values. This works great but I would like to ease that interpolation rather than just a linear transition. Update: Read through your responses and I did not realize Eases were functions... All I needed was to wrap this.progress() with an Ease function and I got what I wanted! Thank you! Dusty
  2. Is there a way to use eases with the utility methods like interpolate? I would like to ease (custom ease really) the output from the interplate method. Thanks in advance, Dusty
  3. I have resolved it... seems I may have had some old settings in my global .yarnrc file setting my registry to npm.greensock.com/
  4. This error when I try and run yarn install or yarn add. error An unexpected error occurred: "https://npm.greensock.com/browser-sync: You must be logged in to install/publish packages.".
  5. So I’m noticing an error with yarn and projects where I don’t have gsap importing. It seems it’s looking to your registry in order to retrieve the modules. Specifically browser sync.
  6. I could have sworn, when I first saw this in my profile they were different.
  7. When you are on your profile page and try and toggle between NPM/Yarn the instructions change but the code in step 1 doesn't.