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  1. Thank you for the very informative answer. More than I could have hoped for. Removing the delay and setting the position and opacity after the ScrollTrigger setup did the trick. I did not fully understand the "ScrollTrigger startup phase" and when that happens. I will dig deeper into this. I also read about "ScrollTrigger.config", which is a really good performance trick to know about (in certain scenarios). Finally, I am experiencing some anomalies with how ScrollTrigger sequences (staggers) element-animations, and yes, the delay was to remedy that. No doubt this has to do with the CSS I am using, but that is for another topic. Thank you so much.
  2. I'm still learning to use ScrollTrigger and I am combining it with W3.CSS Responsive. My simple problem is that I use ScrollTrigger.batch on a bunch of elements, but after it is applied, one element (the first element) does its animation and I would like it not to. I hope this is a simple issue although I haven't found anything in "common mistakes" etc. The pen shows the first CARD-element do its unwanted animation. P.S. There is a 500 millisecond delay before the ScrollTrigger is applied to the docuement.