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  1. Hi I'm putting together an interactive bar graph which uses DrawSvg to animate the bars between different states. Clicking a button calls a timeline which animates the bars to a predetermined %. So far so good, I'm experiencing a problem where after selecting a couple of states the objects seem to animate, not from their current size, but from their original size. I'd wondered if this problem was related to how the timelines were being called play(), restart(), resume()? Or is there something I need to be doing at the end of each timeline to ensure next time it's called it behaves as exp
  2. Alyz

    Random animations

    Really great, thanks everyone.
  3. Alyz

    Random animations

    Hi, I'm putting together an animation which moves a number of element around the screen at in a seemingly random pattern, I am able to achieve one random movement but when I apply a repeat:-1 the positions all reset. I'm thinking I need some sort of looping function to achieve this but my javascript is not as strong as it could be and and i'm struggling to work it out? I'm also aware that the way i'm animating the items might mean that they eventually end up off screen, is there anything more intelligent I can do to stop this from happening? Any help gratefully received
  4. Hi I'm relatively new to Greensock Timeline animation and have some questions about looping animations and how to control secondary animations. I have a primary liner animation with three frames which loops three times, on the third frame I'm calling a function to trigger a secondary animation which bounces the "call to action" indefinitely. The primary animation then loops but when it gets to the third frame the secondary animation is already bouncing. How would I kill this secondary animation when the primary animation completes. If anyone has any more efficient/best practice recomme