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  1. Callbacks are not in that one, but on effects I wanted the option of pong or repeat from where it is Thanks for looking, the angular demo is interesting.
  2. I'm happy to PM a link but a providing a demo of part of my app where there is a sequencer involved is too difficult. I really appreciate all the help suggestions, but I can't see an easy way to make this work. Rotating by 90 is just one bit, there is a wrath of options for things they can do, not just that, so the call back also has to deal with all of those, Really I love the product and will buying the business one next year for this project, but sometimes a project has to start somewhere and mature, not just go straight in for the kill, and at the moment I'm working on getting version 1 done, and this is a small part If you would like to see what I've done so far, please feel free to PM and again thank you for the suggestions and ideas!
  3. Thanks, I think I might have to KISS for now and think about advanced things later on. I can see and understand the logic but would require quite a rewrite at this stage to implement what I want, which is a shame
  4. Ah, missed that one... hmmm.... So in my sequencer you can select from a raft of options, opacity, scale etc, I would need to create getters/setters for all of those then. How comes in the update you can "set" the colour of the background, but can't set the rotation angle for example?
  5. Hi guys (and girls) I'm just re-evaluating this as I've had to make a lot of changes to my sequencer, and due to the number of options having an oncomplete even to call itself again won't work for my need. based on Carls' comment "Basically that tween records a start value of 0 and an end value of "0 + 90". Every time a tween repeats it goes back to the start value of 0." is there a way in the "OnRepeat" I can force the css baseline values of that element to be re-evaluated so that the next repeat continues from where is stopped? Thanks again, maybe I just can't do this, would be a shame (The timeline has multiple elements on it, all doing different things at different times)
  6. Thanks for the replies, drawing the polygon/star isn't an issue, it's the sizing of it I wasn't sure about. For example thanks to the help here I now have http://jsbin.com/gilale/edit?html,output perfect, endless growing square, what I want to do is the same thing with a polygon/star. So as I was trying to badly explain, the square is easy just animate the width/height and x/y coords.... but I'm not sure how to animate the points, would that be using the AttrPlugin and setting a start polygon and end polygon then? (Now I write that down I think that's correct based on Diaco response)
  7. It's the transformOrigin Center that solved it, brill... almost So I have http://jsbin.com/gilale/edit?html,js,output pretty much what I was after, but what about a different shape, lets say a star where I want to do the same thing. The square is easy as I can animate the left/right/width/height but a start which would be a polygon, can't really animate all the points? non-scaling stroke kind of works but then you can see the gap doesn't remain consistent as the line width is always the same yet everything else is scaled
  8. I'm trying to get a square to rotate around an origin whilst getting larger, however I think the origin needs to move, or do I need to use a static rect to do the rotation, with an inner rect that I grow in size (scale is no good as the line get larger which I don't want). TIA - Mat http://jsbin.com/gilale/edit?html,js,output
  9. OOh hadn't thought about updating on callback.... hmmm, lots to think about on that, thank you ever so much!
  10. That's a shame, thanks, building a designer so not quite that easy to implement that maybe I'll just use yoyo... hmmm
  11. Oh bum! Lost my code pen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/VvWpxP
  12. Can I get this to do a full 360 instead of resetting on each repeat? I thought that was the purpose of +=?