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  1. Install greensock.d.ts in typing.json and it will work....
  2. Hi, everyone. I read the spec and know that I can tween the css pseudo-elements (':before', ':after') using CSSRulePlugin.getRule What if I have several elements with the same class name and all of them have pseudo-elements and I want to tween them individually? Is this possible? I tried the CSSRulePlugin.getRule function, and the tween would change all the elements' pseudo-elements. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I am pretty new to GreenSock, so i might ask a silly question. Problem is I create a variable like: var tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true, repeat: -1}); and i set the tl.from(element, 1, {opacity: 1}); element's original css opacity is 0 and i will play it in some onClick function. Problem is my element original opacity is 0, and before I trigger Click event, the above code would already set my element opacity to 1. This is not what i want. What I want is that the element's opacity is 0, when I play the TimelineMax, i would play a tween to make my element from opacity:1 to opacity: 0 Here is my codepen: http://codepen.io/DanielYKPan/pen/wMyLMZ Hope someone could give me a hint, thanks....
  4. Hi, Diaco Thanks for your reply! For my real project, I need to use Timelines for better time control. Good to know that clear() function in Timelines!!!!
  5. Thanks for your reply! I tried this before, and it did what i want for the hove in and out scenario. But i don't like the reverse animation because the staggerTo from reverse would start from the last item. I want it to start from the first item when hover out. Any idea i could achieve this?
  6. Hi, I am pretty new to GSAP. I may make a pretty stupid question. What I want to do is when I hover in an element, it triggers a Timeline animation. And When i hover out, it triggers another one. Problem is when the hover-in animation not finished and i hover out, the hover-out animation would have to wait the hover-in animation to finish. And if i hove in and out so many times, it will trigger so many in and out animations. What i want is when hover out, it would stop the hover-in animation and start the hover-out animation. Here is the demo code: http://codepen.io/DanielYKPan/pen/XXREZb Again, i may make a stupid question and hope someone could help.