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  1. folktrash's post in Sorting animation, and height on making visible... was marked as the answer   
    TL;DR: when implementing hide and show animation use-cases involving height going to 0: you'll need to switch to from() tweens on the show condition, which means you'll need to perform a set() of the properties you're "from'ing" right before you from() them. 
    In my case, I was going to height:0, opacity:0, so on "show" I needed to set() opacity:1, height:1, and then from() height:0, opacity:0
    While this may seem strange, it's less complicated than calc'ing heights of each items and animating to that specific value.
  2. folktrash's post in Using webpack, TimelineMax has references to TweenLite? was marked as the answer   
    externals: {     'TweenLite': 'TweenLite' } Resolved the issue.