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  1. Wow that did help instantly, thanks! IMHO the parameter name is quite misleading, I knew of its existence but didnt event tried it because of its name. I'm not using throwProps but its a known issue with Chrome: It's engine converts transformed content (when You are using translate3D) into texture to provide GFX acceleration. The only workaround I know is to oversize content by a large margin, remembering to keep negative Z value, it works because this way You end with higher resolution textures.
  2. Is there a way to force draggable plugin into using plain translateX/translateY instead of translate3D? Using 3D transformation in Chrome always ends with blurry result (not something Greensock could possibly fix unfortunately) and in my case its very important to keep very crisp and sharp shapes. Thank You!
  3. OK I managed to work it out by a little trick and I guess I cant go any better in this situation: onDragStart: function (e) { smallHandleDraggable.startDrag(e); this.endDrag(); }
  4. Thank You I managed to figure it out thanks to those examples.
  5. Hello again. I'm trying to create a box that is draggable instance but when I start dragging it, it stays in its place and just smaller box is dragged. The main draggable box contains a lot of media so I dont want to drag it across the screen, just some handle with box title. Currently I'm achieving it by calling TweenMax.set(this.target, {clearProps: "all"}); on each 'onDrag()' event and then manually tweening my small box. Is there a better way? How would You achieve such functionality? Thank You.
  6. Hello. I'm trying to use draggable on bootstrap's `panel` element. But when keeping panel inside of panel (nesting panels) dragging panel inside still triggers onDragStart event of the top level panel. I have used only the '.panel-title' as draggable trigger so the trigger elements are not nested. Is there any solution for such a problem?