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  1. Thanks guys. I can't believe I didn't add the text plugin. Thought I did blah... The # in the div name was after lots and lots of renaming and copy pasting things to match. Hopefully that will be the most obvious mistake I make while learning this stuff.
  2. This is probably a really simple thing that I am missing. I am still trying to learn GSAP. Currently trying to learn the timeline feature and was making a simple animation that would have text appear at the end of the animation. However I can't seem to get the text to appear/change. I spent some time looking over the TextPlugin Starter Pen and even a little more confused on what I am missing. Even made a simple test div outside what I was working on to see if I could get that to change the text and couldn't. I just don't see what I am missing.
  3. Thank you guys for the help. That was it. strayed a little from the example I was learning, but was worth it
  4. Hey Diaco, I had tried to add the xPercent to the tween, but did not get it to center the text. There is probably conflict with the css for the text container div. Broke it few time, but not sure what to do to fix it so the text will center.
  5. Sorry if this is basic or what not, I am a complete newbie. Tried a few things and mutilated the css. I have a simple timeline where a div with text moves in from the left to the screen. I am trying to center that text so the middle of the text is in the middle of the screen no matter how long the text is. Since the text can be different length, the center of the text can be in different locations. Tried with some percentages, but that caused some text to be off screen or misaligned. I didn't know if there was a easy way to do that within the timeline animation or if it would have to be done in JS.