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  1. Any tips ? A StageVideoLoader class would be very usefull
  2. I totally see your logic there, but the problem is that it would prevent use cases that should be perfectly legitimate. You're assuming that the only use for TransformManager is for user interaction based transformations, but there are customers who want to control everything through code and do some customized stuff that doesn't require the targetObjects to be InteractiveObjects. See what I mean? The down side is that occasionally folks will make the mistake you did (and sorry, it didn't even dawn on me to ask you about that), but the up side is that it's not locking developers into only being able to manage InteractiveObjects. I'll put a note in the documentation, though. Thanks for pointing it out. I completely agree with you, in that same app I have both interaction and non-interaction transformations on the selected item. Just added my Bitmap to a Sprite and set the frame movieclip on top of the image to mouseEnabled=false as you said and it did the trick. A note in the documentation should be enough.
  3. Or even fill the edge with alpha parameter, at least in these non interactive DisplayObjects.
  4. OK, just noticed that I am transforming a Bitmap class that isn't a InteractiveObject, so it will never trigger the MouseEvent's Don't know if is the case to restrict the addItem($targetObject:DisplayObject, ..) to addItem($targetObject:InteractiveObject, ...) or have a built in DisplayObjectContainer to handle these cases, the same problem could occur when the basics DisplayObjects (like Video, Shape, ...) are added to TransformManager.
  5. unfortunately its not the case, I have add every object on the stage to ignore list also tried to test TransformManager from the document class with no success in both cases, I noticed that I have to force selection by using selectItem() method
  6. just an additional information my itens are masked, but I have tried without mask but got no sucess
  7. The TransformManager is working OK in my application, but the move cursor do not appear when the mouse is over on the selected item, only on the square handlers. The application is in Brazilian Portuguese, but you can take a snapshot from your webcam or load a local image, then you adjust your image to crop and adjust the cropped image to fit in a face and add a mustache and a goatee. Finally you will be able to save your picture (this last part is not finish yet, but it saves the image from whole app) http://www.pedrotaranto.com.br/projects ... dorizador/ How can I solve this problem?