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  1. Pure genius dude! Thanks! It's always the simple and obvious, right in front of me, that seems harder to see. Thanks again!
  2. I hear what you're saying. That's a good and simple idea that totally evaded me. I'll try it and get back to you. Thanks! I would still like to know if there's a coding solution if anyone has one.
  3. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there was a quick way to do this without messing with paths and such. Based on the image below, I'm using TimelineMax to animate the "trending" lines to move individually left to right (eg; x:"-=140px") but along an angle of 17deg. I'm not adept at using Codepen but here's a sample of my code to move one line: TweenMax.set(trendingL, {rotation:'343deg'}); var tl01 = new TimelineMax({delay:2}); tl01.from(trendingL, 1, {x:"-=140px", ease:Back.easeOut}); Of course, this just moves it from left to right along at
  4. Finally! Thanks for this. For years I've wondered why there wasn't a tool that utilized GSAP as the base code for banners. I can't wait to play with this. And a PC version at that! Sweet. I don't know if I have the attention span to be an Alpha Tester but I'll let you know if I come across a bug or suggest a feature that would make the workflow easier/faster.
  5. The way the Sizmek calculates sizes is definitely out there. Your zip that you upload is different from their "Workspace". They don't count everything in your zip. As I understand from their guidelines, after you upload your zip to the "Workspace", each element is automatically compressed on it's own and then recalulated. (Only the largest video is counted if more than one video. See second link for other "exceptions".) Odd and overly complicated, I know. One of the several reasons I steer clients away from Sizmek. Every time I work with them, they dodge questions or simply won't answer and ar
  6. Great tip! However, I noticed when I include force3d:false to keep things crisp, the stutter comes back in MS Edge. Either keeping it out or set to 'true', the animation plays smoothly. (Referencing a similar project I'm doing.) Have you experienced this?