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  1. Hey yo.


    Interesting feedback here, i've learnt a lot.


    I am perhaps coming from a different angle from the rest of you here.  I am a Graphic Designer who has only very recently started doing html5.  I have no coding background and had never used Flash.  


    The first program I tried was GWD and, despite it's similarities to PS, I found it awkward and buggy.  Text editing is a nightmare and I was not able to transfer or convert banners to other sizes.  SO I got Edge Animate.  Which I feel is a lot easier and less buggy, so far.


    However I can't seem to bring up the timeline of the html files I saved in GWD in Edge.  The timeline doesn't load, just a loop of the banner.  SO In Edge I am unable to edit all the previous banners I had done in GWD... without once again using the frustratingly limited GWD.  Plus some of the text animations have got worse (wiggling unnecessarily) and it is replacing the fonts I used in GWD.  Any ideas? Or are the programs just not fully compatible?