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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys! From other posts on the forum, you seem to always get around to writing something! The insight on tween startup costs is helpful. I'll do some reconfiguring and run them upon initialization and go from there. Thanks again!
  2. Hey Everyone, I'm working on a site that has some fairly light scroll-triggered animations(basic fade in and fade up). Everything works as expected - animations are triggered at the right time, everything looks good - except that the first time the animation is triggered, there is a slight lag/delay. It's fairly noticeable and I've tried what I can to smooth it out the first time(force3D, setting different props, etc). Everything is smooth and performant the second time the animation runs, but the first is the most important. Seems like something gets cached and allows the animation to run smoother after first time or something. Any ideas? Here's a test link. Scroll down to the 'work' section. http://sanghanco.surge.sh/