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  1. Sweet! Works a treat, thank you. I shall definitely have to have a more thorough read of the Timeline docs, thanks.
  2. Hey there ... I've been creating some of my first banner ads using GSAP and I've come across a little snag which would normally be as simple as looking at a timeline in flash. I need to keep track of how much time has passed for my animation. Aside from sitting and calculating the length of each command -+ the delay times, has anyone come across an easy way of tracing/tracking the duration of GSAP animations? I'm loving GSAP though... tried GWD, edge and canvas in flash, but after an initial learning curve of GSAP, hand coding has definitely been the most powerful and easiest to control. Thanks
  3. I watched this tutorial as my first step into learning GSAP and animating with HTML5/CSS/JS. Was super helpful. I would definitely recommend it to people.