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  1. That did it. Thanks a ton! For my understanding, say there was no circle, how do we center the group then? Also, how do we calculate svgOrigin usually?
  2. I want to continuously rotate a group inside the svg. I am applying svgOrigin to the tween, but the group is still not centred while rotating. Also, how do we calculate svgOrigin?
  3. Hi All, Is there a way to make a smooth transition when changing from position absolute to position relative. You can see the jump in the demo.
  4. This is so much better! I was wondering about those zillion circle tags and gradients and how much time it takes to load the svg. Also learnt about even odd in javascript. Thanks!
  5. Greetings to all, So I am trying to make a sort of trickle down effect in an svg. I have a open medicine capsule and I want the granules coming out of the capsule to fall down like a waterfall effect. Although I have tried making this effect using 'y' and fade with yoyo, It doesn't look very realistic. Can you give me some pointers on how to make this better? Thanks!!
  6. Thank you @Rodrigo. Yes that certainly helps. People are very nice and helpful here. Thank You!
  7. Is this plugin available to non-club members? P.S. Love your codepen pens!
  8. Having a blast learning gsap. Thank you for your efforts in making this plugin so awesome. I am trying to replicate the hover animation through Tweenmax but the pseudo elements are not animating. What am I doing wrong please.
  9. Thank you for helping me out. I will get to work on what you have suggested. I love watching Greensock demos on codepen. So much to learn.
  10. Thanks Shaun, do I need to make some changes in the CSS or the timeline because there are still jumps and the new_content leaves a gap above the footer before sliding from right to left. Sorry for the trouble.
  11. Hello to all, Firstly, thank you for making such a wonderful and amazing plugin. I am a complete newbie in the world of javascript so please be patient with me. I am making a slide in and out page transition after an ajax request, however, Its not very smooth and flawless. Can I please get some pointers on what options I can use to make this look beautiful like the transitions here - http://tympanus.net/Development/PageTransitions/ See how the footer jumps after new content is loaded.