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  1. Here are a few sets from a Campaign i worked on. (Under 80kb publisher spec). Blowing bubblegum effect. https://storage.googleapis.com/digital.bradleylancaster.com/BRISBANE_CITY_COUNCIL/BCC717/display/seniors/dev_preview/index.html Parallax foam effect. https://storage.googleapis.com/digital.bradleylancaster.com/BRISBANE_CITY_COUNCIL/BCC717/display/first_home_owners/dev_preview/index.html Profiterole Roll https://storage.googleapis.com/digital.bradleylancaster.com/BRISBANE_CITY_COUNCIL/BCC717/display/Priority_Campaign/dev_preview/index.
  2. No i checked the GSAP2 ads were approved and the guy managing the Adwords removed all the GSAP3 versions. Will have to use GSAP2 until someone confirms Google have updated the new version of GSAP3.
  3. So all ads are now live after review i don't know if they manually approved them or Google updated the cdn, i will try GSAP3 next campaign and post if i have similar issues.
  4. Yes it is this line causing it (below). I can remove the local SlitText line but i can remove the CDN i wonder if GSAP remove this line it will pass in Google Ads? Is this trying to get an external file hence causing 4th party call error? //# sourceMappingURL=gsap.min.js.map //# sourceMappingURL=SplitText.min.js.map
  5. I am having the exact same problem will revert back to GSAP2 i have never had this problem across hundreds of banners the first time i use GSAP3 i am getting invalid fourth party call. Will keep you updated to the outcome.
  6. Hey guys i am having the exact same problem on Google Ads it's rejected saying the ad has invalid fourth party call. I have reached out and having the ads manually reviewed. I noticed in Chrome Dev Tools that is says DevTools failed to parse SourceMap: this happens on GSAP3 and SplitText not sure if this is related but the warning didn't show up on GSAP 2 in the past. So my ad is only loading GSAP 3 and Google fonts nothing else so no reason it should be rejected and the ad does validate in Google Ads Validation tool. Here is a link to the ad that is being r
  7. @GreenSockNo SVG Omg is a great tool that was a tip on easier to read smaller svg's. I was pointing out that these types of errors happen as part of my workflow. Editing SVG's updating text copying svgs from banner to banner as svg code can be so long and you work to tight deadlines these errors can happen. When I get the malformed error these are the things to lookout for when you are scanning your code by eye. Sometimes I run the banner through the w3c HTML validator to find these errors quickly. I have never had a banner rejected for using inline SVG only when the SVG has a HTML5 error.
  8. Hey guys, just uploaded some Suncorp Bank work you can view on the link below. https://bradleylancaster.com/portfolio/suncorp-bank-digital-programmatic-advertising-html5/ Cheers, Brad
  9. Hey guys, i have this problem come up from time time. If an SVG has: Double ID's. <path id="house"></path> <path id="house"></path> Double Classes on the same element. <path id="house" class="scale" class="scale"></path> Non closing tags are common on long svgs sometimes. <svg> <g> <path id="house"></path> </svg> <svg> Duplicate Tags are common on long svgs sometimes. <g> <path id=
  10. Thank you for checking that out for me. Yes i did take out the bubble functions completely the publisher came back with the same thing. I think the tool is possibly testing things incorrectly i will try gain access to the tool and see.
  11. Hi Jack, Thanks for getting back to me on this. I have attached a file here for you to have a look at if you have time. It does use a combination of png's and svg's and some canvas particles. I removed the bubbles for them but they still came back with CPU issues so i don't think it is related to the bubbles. I sent another version removing the will-change property but still they said it's a high CPU load. I use SVG's normally and haven't had this issue before but it is all dependant on the Publisher and how they test things. Cheers,
  12. Hey guys, So i have encountered some feedback from a publisher that the HTML5 banners i created were using to much CPU. I don't have a way to check this properly i looked in Chrome Dev tools and can only see GPU there. Activity monitor was only 8% but they were saying it comes in @ 60% which i find hard to believe. I can't upload them here yet as the campaign hasn't launched but i will soon. Do you guys have a set of tools/programs you use specifically for CPU performance. They are using https://advalidation.com we are getting pr
  13. Awesome work on the animation mate. I noticed it's also fully responsive well done!
  14. These are all really cool and unique great work!
  15. @Marlon Using Svg's for custom text, logos, graphics reduces file size and will always look crisp. This allowed you to bump up the quality of raster images. I also use Tinypng plugin for photoshop to reduce any png's and use Photoshop's save for web. Some Ads i have created recently had a specification of under 40kb. These Battery World ads are 100% SVG and came in around 32kb compressed. http://bradleylancaster.com.s3.amazonaws.com/display_ads/BATTERY_WORLD/BW0740_XMAS/4_CLIENT_PREVIEW/preview/index.html