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  1. Yup, thought so. Doesn't belong to GSAP's playground to begin with ! Thx a lot for your help, everything works fine now !
  2. Hi Jack, Yep, both work fine in cleaning my code (still learning GSAP, should've thought of call() at least !). No better solution to provide than this class "flexBox" for the initial problem, I guess ? Thx a lot !
  3. Hi guys, Coming back to this forum for some simple trouble ! I have a flexbox layout, which tweens in many ways, and through many efforts GSAP and flexbox work (almost) perfectly together ! Everything works fine in latest Chrome, Firefox and IE (well, some minor border-radius tweening trouble in IE, but... meh). The troublemakers are Safari / Safari iOS / Chrome iOS and buddies, which still need vendor prefixes for flexboxes. As pointed out in this topic, we can set() prefixes in CSS PROPERTIES this way : tl.set($('#myDiv'), {css:{"-webkit-flex":0}}); But how about setting
  4. Thanks for asking. Thanks for answering. Love GSAP more and more each day.
  5. [EDIT : Thanks Carl, your reply was indeed a solution to my question... In the meantime, I came to understand better how to use GSAP, which made my very question obsolete ! Sorry about that :/] Hi Carl, thanks for your time ! Your first proposition : tweening a tween, how pervert ! I think it will do the trick, with some adjustments... Your second propostion : that's what I first tried, feels natural, but I can't manage to pull it off... About creating tweens on the fly That's clearly the most intuitive way to do, but in many situations I can't build the "open this hero" tween. F
  6. Dear GSAP developpers, First of all, thanks for your library, which is now the only source of animation for the website I'm coding. Despite all my efforts, I can't find a way to work around my wish to use the same tween in multiple timelines. Yes, I can easily play a Tween and reverse it whenever I want (see the Codepen)... Yes, I can easily create a Timeline for one specific situation... But no, I can't find how to control a tween being played in a timeline from another timeline ! This Codepen's HTML describes what I would like to achieve. The buttons perform as I expect them to,
  7. First of all, it works on my example. Thanks ! I'll try it in my project and see if it solves all my slideUp/Down configurations. [EDIT : alright, got most of this figured out by myself... Perhaps...] But, to be honest, I'm puzzled... 1) From what I understand after looking at the documentation, you're first building in the variable T the reversed slideUp tween, ie the slideDown. Then, on each click on the header, "!T.reversed()" is used to toggle the reversed() state (true/false). Which means the first click sets T.reversed() to false and triggers the slideUp animation at the same
  8. Thanks for your replies ! The code given by Diaco seemed logical to me, so I tried it on one of my flexboxes. I'm still having trouble, so I made a CodePen this time http://codepen.io/anon/pen/BNXXQg I need that red section to be togglable. I guessed the trouble comes from the "flex: 1;" in the CSS, so I added this property to the tweens. The result is a toggle at the end of the 2sec duration, but no transition. Not a surprise to me : I guess asking for a transition from flex:0 to flex:1 is not really easy to animate... Any idea on how to perform my flexbox toggle ? Thx !
  9. Hi everybody, I'm brand new to GSAP after having been pointed to you today. From what I've seen so far, I'm very tempted to get rid of my jQueryUI functions in favor of jQuery/TweenLite or Max solutions. The thing is, my project's layout is heavily based on flexbox. Therefore, I'm concerned about how GSAP will interact with my flexboxes. I'll start by asking a (rather) simple question. Here is what I need to achieve : - I have a div which should toggle the same way as it does with jQueryUI's " .toggle('blind',...)" - I need this toggle functionality to be triggered on a fle