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  1. Did someone was able to test Adcade ? http://l.aunch.us/7gfn7 ? wainting list on a beta is not engaging, but i really hope to use something else than full hand-code, and GWD is only good for some simple thing.
  2. Not really GS related, but from what i've done for the past year making banner, the easy/fastest way to do backup gif for me is : (in a dual screen set up) - create a doc in photoshop at the size of the banner you need (if i have 4 728x90 ads, all will be in the same doc. - open all ads on the other screen - in PS take a screengrab and past at each "frame" you need for the backup gifs (printScreen/Ctr+V) in seconds you got all the layer, align them all together for the first ads, create the gifs frame, make a folder with the layer, duplicate and align the new folder to the other ads... (if the ads all share the same "timing" you can do this really fast.) One time i had to make all the gifs for a campaign with more than 300 variations on the ads, it took me less than an hour with this method. my2cent