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  1. Sorry for the false question and the wast of time. I managed to resolve this issue by myself It seems i have made a stupid error in my code. require("gsap/PixiPlugin.js"); Works well! By the way thank you to tell me about the other tools!
  2. Hello, I have difficulties to understand how to load GSAP plugins with "require". require("gsap"); // works like a charme require("gsap/PixiPlugin.js"); //dont seems to be working Did I do something wrong? What is the best way to load GSAP plugin with browserify? My project use the last version of NPM, Browserify, Pixi and GSAP. I m a beginer so I would apreciate your help Thank you in advance!
  3. @OSUblake Thank you! I understand better now. I will try to clean it !
  4. @OSUblake I think I haven't well understood the anti-aliasing tip, my paper.js composition seems to be blurred when the window's size change. Auto-resize problem?
  5. Whoua! You're literaly a Superhero Thank you so much @OSUblake. Find below the complete demo:
  6. @Carl Thank you very much for your time, I understand better now. I will check the Paper.js doc. By the way you save me some days of headache and frustration @OSUblake Thank you! You are right, Shape fit better what i was looking for. I like the way you declare "rectangle.size"/"rectangle.fillColor". And thank you for the anti-aliasing tips! If I summarize: Path size set the "drawing" zone. Then the path is set in this zone. The only way to change the shape of a path is to scale it or to redefine its point. Shape size can be directly changed with GSAP Long life to Greensock! The best animating library with the most implicated community Here is my demo with all propriteties animed. I am interested in how to translate(x,y) Shape and how to set/change the rotation point. I will investigate.
  7. Hi Carl, Please find below my rectangle
  8. Hello, I am trying to tween the "size" of a paper.js rectangle: var rectangle = new Path.Rectangle({ strokeColor: 'rgba(255,0,0,0.5)', strokeWidth: 3, point: [46.1, 250.5], size: [223.2, 137.9] }); Have you any idee how to do that? I have tried to do it with array (technic below) but it seams im the beginer im supposed to be in javascript Could you help me? Here is my code: var arr1 = [223.2, 137.9]; var arr2 = [400, 200]; var rectangle = new Path.Rectangle({ strokeColor: 'rgba(255,0,0,0.5)', strokeWidth: 3, point: [46.1, 250.5], size: arr1 }); arr2.ease = Back.easeInOut; TweenMax.to(arr1, 10, arr2);