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  1. Hello, I'm mystified as to why the stroke on the red bar in my pen doesn't animate like the stroke on the white bar. The only difference I can see are the coordinates of the lines. Thanks
  2. Very impressive on the diagnosis and the great feedback. FYI - I convinced our company to join Club Greensock yesterday. It was an easy sell.
  3. Thanks for catching that error but the behavior for the first draw begins at 0 0 where the other two begin at 50 50. I've cleaned up the pen. Would you give it another look please? http://codepen.io/Fettabachi/pen/MaWxqL Thanks
  4. Hello, This is my first attempt at DrawSVG. I've got 3 svgs that appear one-at-a-time then the stroke is drawn fromTo {drawSVG:"0% 50%"}, {drawSVG:"0% 100%"} and then the y position is animated. Everything works as I expect except for the first draw. It's not honoring the fromTo position. Can you please tell me where I've gone wrong. Thanks
  5. I knew it had to be a rookie mistake. Thanks for the clear explanation as well as the video. I've just begun using GSAP and from the looks of things, you'll be seeing a lot more of me around these parts.
  6. I have a click event bound to a "open menu" element and a another one bound to a "close menu" element. After page load, both elements execute as expected but the click event isn't fired if you try to open the menu again. It seems like such a simple piece of code. What am I missing here?