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Dipscom last won the day on July 19 2019

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  1. Hi Halibus, Have you got a simple example you can share where this behaviour is displayed? Troubleshooting blind is very hard as there are many variables that could be an issue, including the browser or monitor itself.
  2. What a dejavu feeling! I once had a project where instead of being hexagons going up and down it were blocks rotating. In the end we got rid of most of the shadows it just did not like the ambient occlusion shadows... It ended up being ok. Nothing like the full 3D render.
  3. Yeah, I can second Blake's point of not defining a callback using the Function type like that. What Blake has shown is the recommended way to setup a generic callback type.
  4. I worked with Hogarth UK in my banner days, nice bunch there. They definitely have the volume of work Samirpa is talking about some of it will be cool some of it will be, well, work. Hope all goes well with the work and with the partnership.
  5. I've got a 25% hearing loss (50% in one ear, so if you are on my right side I will know you are talking but will not be able to understand what you are saying) and I must say (althought not comparable to a more severe type of hearing loss) it really doesn't bother me. If anything, it makes me zone out and focus quite efficiently. ?
  6. AMP is Google taking a leaf out from Facebbok's book and trying to create its own walled garden. But I will conced it is groundbreaking technology.
  7. I've built my fair share of banners. I never agreed with the amount of animation and effects pushed into them - I was quite grateful of it as it gave me something to learn some basic frontend development and animation in a contained environment. But, as a customer, I can easily see how static ads would be more performant. They are less intrusive/annoying, all the information is there for the user to see at all times and if nicely designed, they are easier on the eyes. I feel ads online are better if they follow the print world style, rather than the TV world.
  8. Oh, look at this, it's a thread party! Whoop whoop whoop! So, I see the zooming in on Chrome and agree that is a jarring experience. It makes me think you have forgotten to add the meta tags for the zooming and scaling of the document. In fact, checking your original link, I don't see any of the metatags. If your are unfamiliar with codePen, press the settings button of your pen, look at the HTML tab and under the Stuff for <head> text area there's a button that says: "insert the most common viewport metatags". Click on that to add some common stuff, save your pen and check to see if that helps.
  9. Hey @ericnguyen23, I'm on Android phone right now and was not able to see any unexpected jumping around. What phone are you using? What browser? I'm on a Nokia running Firefox. Do you have this issue if you open your example pen in 'Debug' mode? It will help us figure out if it's something to do with codePen.
  10. Hi @marya, just to double check with you, this double clicking is happening when you are using the touch, right? Does it happen when using a mouse/trackpad?
  11. To message someone directly, the easiest way is to go to the person's profile. There is a 'message' button there. It will open a compose modal and whenever you get a reply, it will go to your own inbox. You should see a little envelop icon at the top of the site next to your profile name/icon. And you definitely do not want to go posting your email publicly in forums, you will only be inviting spam.
  12. Let us not hijack Marya's thread with this issue. She has a rather quirky issue herself that I am also trying to replicate without luck so far. It's best not to mix things up. Have you got another thread going on about draggable? If you do, send me a link to it and we'll continue there. If you don't, create one and we'll go to town with it there.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I am not doubting there's an issue here but it's not as clear cut as "it's a bug in draggable" because, as said before, four people have tried, only one is getting the issue. Like it or not, we have to focus on your setup first and foremost to try and figure out what is going on. I know it sounds far fetched and I understand it works once you set edgeResistance to zero the problem goes away. I could be such an obscure thing... Did you try it in a incognito window? Just for the sake of ruling that out?
  14. It could potentially be that, yes. It's likely it is going to be something like that. An extension or something extra in his machine as now four people have tested and only one seem to be having the issue.
  15. To add another datapoint, I too cannot reproduce and am on a Mac, with Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) What extensions have you got installed in your browser? Can you try it in a icognito window with any extensions on? @marya his pointer glows when clicking because of his screen recording software. Some of them offer the option to show a circle when recording every time the user clicks. Others even show which mouse button was clicked or keyboard key pressed.