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Dipscom last won the day on January 9

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  1. It's because it's written using Smarter Animation Code™️
  2. I made one too. 😅 https://codepen.io/dipscom/pen/NWdENmr
  3. Hi Adeliosparis, Welcome to the forums. Are you able to give more context? It will be very hard to assist you without any context. What is your setup? How are you importing the bonus plugins? How are you referring to them? Can we see an example or the code you are using? Have you checked the docs page with the information about the bonus plugin and installation? https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Installation
  4. Hi, thanks for the demo. It does help. Nothing is jumping out at me right now, I don't see any glaring issues with your code or the context in which is written. It could be that I am just not seeing the actual issue but I would say you should definitely wait until the DOMContentLoaded has fired before running splitText - what might be happening is your content is shifting at the same time that SplitText is setting up and it might be messing the DOM structure. On this last screenshot you have sent, it looks like every word is displaying as a block. As much as I refresh h
  5. Hi medamis, Welcome to the forums! Is it possible for you to create a minimal code example? I can see your screenshot, I can see your code but I cannot guess on what context what you are reporting happens. It really helps us to help you to have an example we can tinker with. Thank you.
  6. Here: this is what you'll be needing to do, bind a variable to the instance of the component. https://svelte.dev/docs#bind_component
  7. Well, I stand corrected. Everything I said so far in this thread has been proven wrong. As for the new question. You should target the instance of the component, I'm not able to work out which is the correct syntax as I'm messaging from a phone but, it should be something along the lines of "$el".
  8. Yeah, that's very confusing, I agree. The catch here is that the example is tweening TO an autoAlpha of 1. It is not tweening FROM an autoAlpha of 0. .from() tweens have some quirks most people get caught on. You're just the newest victim. Because you are using a .from() tween, GSAP records the natural state of the element and uses it as the resulting effect of the animation. In your case, it includes the "visibility:hidden" which makes it not show. If you were tweening .to() an autoAlpha of 1, as the example in the docs show, GSAP will assume,
  9. Hello! You see in your CSS where you set visibilty to "hidden"? You're declaring the element's natural state to be hidden. Doing a ".from" tween will animate your element from the GSAP-declared values to the elements natural state. In order for you to achieve what you want, you need to not have the "visibility:hidden" set in your CSS or use the other tween methods that you have already noticed achieve your desired result.
  10. There are a few different ways, it boils down to what you are supporting and how your project is setup. The "modern" way of prevent the parse-blocking is to add `defer` to the <script> tag (or the `async` one). <script defer src="blah.js"></script> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/script The old skool way is to have only a tiny, tiny script at the bottom of your body tag that runs only after the `DOMContentLoaded` and the `load` events have fired. This tiny script then adds the <script> tags to all of the rest of your J
  11. Hey Jakob, Syncing video and GSAP is tricky business. My implementation is full of holes as I mentioned and have never gone back to try and fix those. I have found cases where the video and the animation get out of sync so, be careful. An alternative solution that might prove a bit more resilient but requires more work is to to load the video file into a canvas element, render the video frame-by-frame there while controlling it with GSAP. If you need video controls and full screen you will have to implement that manually, though.
  12. Glad to hear you managed to sort it out in the end Jacob. Well done.
  13. From experience with other US-based companies, for the people who are not US residents, could you clarify if this position is open to one anywhere in the world?
  14. Quite a few by the looks of it, I am afraid. But besides there being many of them, they have behaved well here.
  15. Hello mindthegap, This was definitely a bunch of little things that together culminated on the issue you are reporting. First, is the fact that something in codepen is not right. It doesn't like the self-closing component you have: "<dragcomp [...] />" - I got it to work by changing it to being a normal open and close tag: "<dragcomp [...]></dragcomp>". Then, in my broswer (Firefox) the image does not appear if I am inside CodePen's editor but it does if I am in the debug view - no codepen editor at all. Which means, there's something funky