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Dipscom last won the day on January 9

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  1. Hello mindthegap, This was definitely a bunch of little things that together culminated on the issue you are reporting. First, is the fact that something in codepen is not right. It doesn't like the self-closing component you have: "<dragcomp [...] />" - I got it to work by changing it to being a normal open and close tag: "<dragcomp [...]></dragcomp>". Then, in my broswer (Firefox) the image does not appear if I am inside CodePen's editor but it does if I am in the debug view - no codepen editor at all. Which means, there's something funky
  2. Hey VOLTARII_MATTI, Again, welcome to the forums! You got your CSS rules mixed up. If you want the canvas element to scroll up when scrollTrigger unpins it, you cannot have it with a position:fixed in CSS, else, it will stay fixed. You need to use position:absolute. As for your question on the OBJ, Zach is the law here when he says the forums are focused on GSAP but we are allowed to give away pointers towards more information and/or solutions. You can have textures mapped into an OBJ file yes. But, if you are asking that, you probably want to learn how to d
  3. This seems to be a popular thread by the number of people looking at it right now..
  4. Canvas, probably with WebGL. It could have been Three.JS, Babylon or even hand-coded without a library.
  5. Hi Zehra, We would love to help but, having two screenshots of tiny sections of you code does not help us to help you. The only thing I can glean from your screenshots is that if you already have played the animation once you need to rewind it back to its start before you can play it again or you need to put a zero in your play command - zeroToOne.play(0) - in order for it to play from the start on further calls. GSAP "just works"™️ so, it's likely that there is an error on your logic somewhere and for us to be able to identify, we would need to see the context in which
  6. Glad you've made it work. With the active varible set to always be false, the code inside the cursor() method will always be executed. Which means, the position is always updated, regardless of the dragging going on or the mouse moving. So, yes, that certainly helps. And, you probably can get rid of the active variable and all references to it, then.
  7. You're already half doing it. const mouse = { x: pos.x, y: pos.y }; // this is your mouse object. [...] window.addEventListener("mousemove", e => { mouse.x = e.x; // this is you storing the values on mouse move mouse.y = e.y; }); [...] $carousel.on( 'dragMove.flickity', function(mousemove, pointer, moveVector) { mouseX = mousemove.clientX; // this is where it is going wrong. it should be mouse.x and mouse.y mouseY = mousemove.clientY; console.log(mouseX) gsap.to({}, 0.0, { onUpdate: function() { gsap.set(ball, { x: mouseX,
  8. You alreay have everything set up for what you need. The issue is that when you're updating the ball's position inside your 'dragMove.flickity' you're storing the values in "mouseX" and "mouseY", which are not shared anywhere. The values should be stored in your mouse object. Also, during your dragEnd.flickity event, you sholud also get the mouse coordinates and store the x and y in your mouse object, otherwise, it is likely that your circle will not stop where you expect it to.
  9. I can't comment on what you did or not. I can only say that, on the repo you have linked, looking at the package.json file, I see no reference to GSAP as a dependency. Whenever you try to run this project if you have an import statement that refers to GSAP in the node_modules as in: import { gsap } from 'gsap'; it will fail, throwing errors given that there going to be no GSAP found. I have zero experience with React and will not be able to help you with that, however, I am happy to assist you as best as I can. I'll watch this tutorial you have linked lat
  10. Looking at your `package.json` I don't see GSAP being listed as a dependency - That's probably the root cause of your "Can't resolve gsap" error. What is this tutorial that you are following? Does it use GSAP as the animation engine or is it a totally unrelated tutorial that you are trying to implement adding GSAP to it?
  11. From my point of view, having Steve Schoger as a twitter follower earns you three letters of the ACE definition of a designer. You now have a lot to live up to in my eyes. There's no harm in learning new skills - a bit of practice and you'll turn into the fabled design/developer unicorn! Oh, and you do like your fonts, don't you?
  12. If you meant that I don't have a laugh when I am doing development work when you said I did "serious dev work" - You're pretty spot on. I am usually a ball of stress and in a hurry. The very few times that I am not doing development for work, I do have a bit of a laugh and some fun. I'm glad to hear you've found a solution to you issue. I did have a quick look at the Vue3 docs and, there's plenty for me to read there, right now is not a good time for me to delve into YET another thing. Regarding have a chat, by all means, let us arrange something, I'm not th
  13. Hey there! I hope you can appreciate it is quite hard to help troubleshoot blind. Can you give us some context? Can you create a minimal demo that replicates what you are doing? Otherwise it is a guessing game from our part, which is not really a great use of our resources as there are some many hours in a day for us to help everyone that comes by. There is guidance in the docs on how to use bundlers and GSAP - https://greensock.com/docs/v3/Installation.
  14. Alas I do not. Not only I am a rubbish designer and do not have a personal site online - most of the stuff I have worked on over the years is behind a paywall or the code is in a private repository or it was a short lived campaign that is now offline. I'm happy to have a chat and nerd around Vue if you fancy, maybe I have some opinions on the things you want to ask? Send us a message and we can look for a convenient time to chat.
  15. Well tailbreezy, your title is a tad misleading because the issue here isn't to do with parent/child is it? It's to do with the router in between your components. I have not have the opportunity of working with Vue 3 yet (kind of in the lookout for a contract who'll let me do it, wink, wink). BUT, I do have some comments: Usually using watch is discouraged by myself and a few pals because it hides away the logic flow. We're all on the trigger an animation based on a method call or user interaction, not from a reactive side-effect. I had a quick look at the V