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  1. Wonderful, it works perfectly So, if I understand it right, you defined instructions via SET, ADD and TO methods and also with callbacks. Can i use play, pause, resume options also? I am sorry for stupid questions, but I am still trying to fully understand how this magic is happening
  2. It should X, Y position while it is hidden and then it should fade in. Duration (pause) between this tween should be 1 second. So, for example: Element is hidden, invisible... and we set its X, Y to random. We set inner text to random from the array. Box will fade in (duration 0.5s). Box will fade out (duration 0.2s). Pause for 1 second. And it goes again for 50 times.
  3. Thanks, @Shaun Gorneau, it works fantastic. If I may ask you one more question - is there any way to make it like this? Box will be set to random X and Y position. A random text will be given to the box from the array. Box will show up. This will repeat 50 times. I understand now that i must use callback functions to make asynchronous action while tween is happening. But i can't imagine situation like this, when more actions are happening one by one.
  4. What's up good people I am trying to create my own TimeLine which will show the element (red box) at the random positions for 50 times. Moreover, it should change background color to random between red, green, blue everytime before the box shows up. I am not sure how to do it. Should I define TimeLine, stop it, then add there instructions via "for" loop for 50 times and then run the Timeline via play() method? I think i am doing it wrong, maybe it can be done another way...
  5. Hello guys, i have found very nice animation of fireworks here: Is it possible to make via GSAP?
  6. Greetings, i would like to create my own HTML dropdown component, similiar to this one https://semantic-ui.com/modules/dropdown.html but with GreenSock animation support I have following questions: Is there any effective way of creating nice component code for greensock or it really doesn't matter (KISS method and reusable code)? How can i animate scrolling inner content by items? (i guess i will need to measure height of one item and then scroll it) Can i publish that component somewhere for others? I would like to create animated UI component pack with some extra JS features like searching etc. Thanks for any kind of help.
  7. Jack, thank you for your detailed explanation about license, now i understand it perfectly.
  8. Hello community I have a question about licensing GSAP, because I really love this framework, so I want to have things right. Do I need to buy "Bussines Green" license (for $150 per year) in order to use the framework in eshop i am coding? Thanks for the answer.