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  1. Hello ihatetomatoes, All in good fun. We are all free to relish and loathe the vegetables we choose. We were never not friends. : ) I think my most despised food is the lima bean. The funny thing is, when I got the email notification of your post to me, and this really is the truth, I was having a tall glass of cold tomato juice, something I only buy a few times a year. Weird. Keep up the good work!
  2. That was fast! Thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious to me. The eyes are so easily tricked by the brain.
  3. I'm thinking GreenSock is a great thing, because I don't know JS. I watched the "Getting Started with GSAP" video and tried something like the first example, making a logo transition to the left: property in my css. ​This is embarrassing but I can't make it work. Can anyone help?
  4. Thank you. Since my original post I watched the first few videos and saw how perfectly this could work for me. I've downloaded the files and am moving forward. Re: rendering, yes, I've since learned it has to do with browser's anti-aliasing during transition.
  5. I need to make this event happen a few seconds after page loads. Can someone help? Also, the type weight is normal during transition but is bold as it should be after transition. Why? Thank you!
  6. How can you hate tomatoes? I could understand not biting directly from a tomato, but to forbid it altogether? What about pizza? Pizza! And to top off a burger with a tomato slice is exquisite. Oh, and what is a salad without tomatoes? Of course, the rancid onion is something else altogether. I hate onions. A lot of people do. Keep them off my pizza, burgers, and salad. But the lovable tomato? How can anyone hate those? But hey! Great cheat sheet though. We all love those!