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  1. Hey, thx very much for the fast reply Now i can continue with my work .
  2. Hey @ all, need some help with a very simple animation, but i can't figure out what is actually happening. here is the Pen again: http://codepen.io/Cosciug/pen/rVEORw Here's how the nimation should go: On hover over yellow div, it moves to the right, and starts rotating -180 deg on the Y axis, origin being the left border. Here's the problem now, the the div starts rotating, it instantly jumps weirdly and starts from there instead on the original position. This bugs me out and i spent already over an hour searching why this is happening but i just can't figure out why. Basically, the div should flip just like a page of a book, from the initial position and not from any other that i do not want. Any help maybe ? Thx in advance, Cosciug