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  1. Perfect!! Thank you so much Jonathan!
  2. The banner won't show if AdBlock is enabled. You'll have to temporarily disable it to view it. Since the banner I want to achieve this effect in has a 200KB limit, I'm trying to find alternative ways to achieve that smooth zoom out effect without using one huge file that will eat up the majority of the size limitations. Unless theres a different way I could achieve this effect without compromising the image quality.
  3. Hello, how would you scale back from a hi-res image to a lo-res like so: http://www.pixelettestudios.com/uploads/doctorwho/300x250/index.html That particular example uses canvas elements which I'm not familiar with so is there a way to go about achieving the same effect using Greensock TimelineMax? I know some transform origins may have to come into play but I'd like to achieve a seamless transition as in the example provided. Thanks!