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    Repeating timeline

    thanks i've made this by using: TweenLite.delayedCall(27, p); function p() { mainTL.pause(); secondTL.pause(); } pausing second repeat at specified total time works perfect
  2. b0b3k

    Repeating timeline

    My idea is to get something like this: I'm starting timeline once... with onComplete {repeat} after one repeate it repeate again but only to specified fragment inside, is it possible?
  3. b0b3k

    Repeating timeline

    I dont think that I use today this forum but.... how can I make this: repeat a twice timelinelite but second repeat is only to specific moment? i was trying by adding window.repeat = 0; and onComplete increase it and check inside timeline but it dont use this ?
  4. Got this !! thanks for help, issue was to create function by your method, but why not by this ? var function = function() { .... return timeline; } ? can you explain ?
  5. Refresh, I think it's not, got uncaught exception: Cannot add undefined into the timeline; it is not a tween, timeline, function, or string. and it fires too early as before
  6. its a function already var bla = function() {} return typeOf(bla) - function, so its not a problem. I have var mainTL = new TimelineMax({onComplete:restart}).add(f_728_90_ad, 0); and it's ok but onComplete return console.log just after start, understand? it's not working properly, I want to know how can I make to call onComplete after whole nested timelines (its about 15 seconds for 728x90px banner)
  7. look at the code at my url " var mainTL = new TimelineMax({onComplete:restart}).add(f_728_90_ad, 0); var secondTL = new TimelineMax({onComplete:restart}).add(f_160x600_ad, 3.3); console.log(mainTL); console.log(secondTL); " this onComplete method start just after start immediatly, i want to start it at the end of added nested timelines, is this more clear now? at a final effect I want to run this two times only for all and catch the second repeat to parameter (at second repeat I need finish one timeline before) ps. i've uploaded images - you can reload page now
  8. Hi, It's my first project that uses GSAP. Here you find it http://www.wremo.pl/testCase....test.html - it dont have images right now, but the main issue is how to nest it in right way? i would like to have two main timelines for this two ad's with correct function of onComplete, now it returns complete after first scene (about 2-3 seconds after start) How can I make it to have two main timelines with full duration for both ?