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  1. Here is an example http://www.bannerhost.hu/test/Leolo69_LegalText_AutoScroll_137x135_GEMIUS/index.html
  2. Yes, exactly. If the legal text is too tall, it begin to scroll up slowly as seen in SW movies. I have a few variables: the height of the legaltext, the height of the ad, the top and bottom whitespaces. From these I can calculate the overhang and the duration of the scroll up tween. When the user mouse over the star, the box is coming in from a given direction. If the text need scrolling, the box is always tweening in from the bottom. On mouse leave, the whole stuff slips back to its original position, out of the ad.
  3. I forgot it of course and my ADWORDS ads came back with complains from the media. But the exitapi removal was simple and the legal text interaction is working too without any further tweaking.
  4. I had this error before and it was a wrong element id in string format without #. Got this too once when I dinamically created the IDs with a runaway for loop. I am pretty sure it is not GSAP bug.
  5. ...for this imbalanced library. Since the Flash disaster roughly 2 years ago, when we faced the invevitable and we had to touch again this ugly thing what is called HTML, Your lib is saving my butt, and more: easy, bug free, comprehensive, fast, reliable. My clients are astonished, pleased and want to work with me. My success is partly - no, no - mainly Yours. Thanks, thanks, thanks...!
  6. Hi Marty, I hope You found someone at Your geographic location to sit in an do the banner jobs. If not, I can jump in remotely for a introductory project for free. ( ads only ) Regards, Oliver
  7. We well see what changes really have to make, when this new system is becoming live and we can upload and test our ads. I am thinking about watching the mouse coordinates to trigger legalText animation, instead of handling a mouseOver event.
  8. Therefore we have to remove exitapi.js and the clickable area from every ad. I wonder what will happen with the legalText asterisk mouseOver eventhandler if they put something over the entire ad. I'm afraid I have to read this google "doc" line to line.
  9. Hi Volcanoflash, Thanks for informing us! Where did you find this ? I can't see it on the link above. What is meaning of this sentence?
  10. These clients alway ask impossible. Just hit back their serve.
  11. That 50k is for 300x50. Otherwise I don't se any interresting changes at first glance. Since the first IAB standard I had to make 3 ( Three ) IAB 'format' ads, because the media agency didn't provide the exact format. I thought if I make something which is standard, then they can't complain. So this is a ghost, exists on paper but ( at least in my region ) noone using it.
  12. SIZMEK is no problem if you: - Zip the ad's folder into a max 200k .zip. - Make a fallback.jpg and include it in the zip - Include GSAP from any secure CDN - Load <script src="https://secure-ds.serving-sys.com/BurstingScript/EBLoader.js"> - Make a clickable area with <div id = "clickthrough-button" ></div> - and Include this snippet in Your HTML: /// SIZMEK SCRIPT var adDiv; function initEB() { try { EB.isInitialized() ? startAd() : EB.addEventListener( EBG.EventName.EB_INITIALIZED, startAd ); } catch ( a ) { startAd(); } } function startAd() { adDiv = document.getElementById( "ad" ); addEventListeners(); } function addEventListeners() { document.getElementById( "clickthrough-button" ).addEventListener( "click", clickthrough ); } function clickthrough() { EB.clickthrough(); } window.addEventListener( "load", initEB ); /// END SIZMEK SCRIPT But the most important is to beg for/steal a sizmek login to test Your ads in their fantastic MediaMind/Eyeblaster/ACM web app.
  13. We can use external libs in our ads. Make a "scripts" folder in the ad's folder, copy the .js of the lib here, and <script> include it into the HTML. Even nicer if You inline it.
  14. Sorry ohem, I didn't want to steal Your solution. I was in a hurry and I thought Gumbo want something different when he wrote I found a broken codepen in his post ( as I remember ) and forked it and fixed it which became almost exactly like Yours. My 2 likes goes to You
  15. Masks are available in SVG context only. Your image seems an 1x1 px one. You can't mask in pure DOM, only imitate it by hiding overflow and positiononing div content inside a rectangular box.
  16. "DOUBLECLICKSTUDIO": { "scripts": "SCRIPTS_CDN", "assets": "ASSETS_ROOT", "kilobytelimit": 200, "zip": true, "fallback": true, "landingpage": true, "engine": "<script src=\"https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/studio/Enabler.js\"></script>\r\n", "clicktag": "\t<div id='clickTag-exit' style='position: absolute; cursor: pointer; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;'></div>", "clicktagid": "clickTag-exit", "postscript": "DOUBLECLICKSTUDIO@postScript.js" }, "DOUBLECLICK": { "scripts": "SCRIPTS_CDN", "assets": "ASSETS_AUTOINLINE", "kilobytelimit": 200, "zip": true, "fallback": true, "separateFallback": true, "landingpage": true, "engine": "<script> var clickTag = '{{landingpage}}';</script>\r\n", "clicktag": "\t<a id = clickArea href = 'javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)' class = System ></a>", "clicktagid": "clickArea" }, this is the last working adFormats.json of mine
  17. I had this issue with mac safari before several times. The animation is just jumping, the elements are disappearing. The solution was to disable jerkiness killing patch from my code. { rotation: 0.01, force3D: true, perspective: 1000 }. God bless Cupertino!
  18. Your code seems fine. No tweens overwriting the previous ones. Strange. What happens when you animate other properties, like size or rotation instead of alpha?
  19. Thanks Davi for answering! But seems like 7zip is compressing better than Gzip, which is allegedly a single file comressor. I am working on Win7 machine, so if here is 1024 and there is 1000, I must have a smaller value. Mysterious! I thought, I would ask them, but last time when I asked them why my JSZipped packages not working on Sizmek, they fended off the problem. https://www.npmjs.com/package/jszip
  20. The time has came again to pour clean water into the glass. I have started to precisely unravel the mistery of Sizmek as size calculation method. I was unsuccessful. What is know at the moment from my experiments is they are definitely zipping and counting the backup image into the ad's size. But I still don't understand how they compress. I am using 7Zip with the default compression settings and my .zips are bigger than their calculated value. For instance: in case of an 213k .zip, they see 193k from it, which is a 20k difference. I have tried to delete the assest from the zip one at a time, to see what is causing this difference, but i haven't found any file which is adding 20k to the .zip. I don't think they have the ultimate comressor which is better than 7z or the default Windows zipper, this leads to the suspicion: they are excluding something. Could anyone can help me to assemble the right calculation formula? Update: It gets even weirder when I am inlining all the assets into the .html. My .htm file is 217k, backup.jpg is 24k which gives a 171k .zip. Their calculator is displaying ONLY 88k. ( Don't tell anyone but this way we can make huge ads in outstanding quality )
  21. I didn't find rules about the content of the banner. Show whatever You need until they aren't dirsturbing or misleading. (opinion) But, You have to put the close button's click area above the "clickthrough-button".
  22. I have peaked into Your code. As I saw, there are a few TweenMax.to with delays but I am not sure what causing the problem. The best way if You make a timeline first and add the tweens to it with .dot chaining. Check out these tutorials: https://greensock.com/get-started-js https://greensock.com/sequence-video https://greensock.com/GSAP-Animate-CC-2017