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  1. Hello, Coming back to GSAP after some months in 'another universe'. Could it be possible to animate a body background image without disturbing the other elements in this body ? The intended animation is a mosaic effect. Thanks for an answer and if this is something we can do thanks for a starting point.
  2. Hello, The design of my site include a floating menu built with bootstrap. On landing page which is a kind of one page site with 8 areas, the menu stays static on the bottom of screen, so when the content scrolls, part of this content is hidden by the fixed menu. I would appreciate to be able to reduce its width from all the width to a round image on its left. Clicking the image would deploy horizontally the menu bar on/off. On others pages it behaves more as a fixed top bootstrap menu but with a height which eats part of the page. Here I would appreciate to have it automatically reducing it height when the mouse is not over its area. But I want to keep all this cool enough to avoid trying to click on already reduced part of it. I hope my explanations are clear. Thanks for a direction to start.
  3. Hello, I want to offer an effect of opening pannel just as in this codepen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/NxqaJX Please note that I can't attach the images normally figuring the doors so I used red background. Problem is the rotation is not keeping the normal aspect ratio of the 2 openning panels, they seem to be growing when opening. Is there a way to improve this. Moreover, I have another option wich would be to open sliding (not rotating) each element respectivelly to left and right. How to do it ? Thanks you for help. CS
  4. Hello, I am using a animation based on the model of Firefly Particules by Diaco http://codepen.io/MAW/pen/gbwzoM I localized all my moving elements inside a div and I am looking for a way to stop the animation when the mouse come over the div, restarting as soon as the cursor leaves the rectangle ? Thanks for suggestion CS
  5. Hello, I am looking for an example to animate something as this https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzx7LDFcZwmMYnhabVY0ZjRwc2M ​ I would like to have the 2 parts of the image open and let appear a video which has started when the 'doors' have oppened by 50%. My question is that the 2 images should not only open but also disappear, as if they enter behind the display. With which API could I obtain this effect ? Thanks for help CS
  6. Ok thanks. I think it will be ok with those reset features, I will adapt to my case.
  7. And look the positioning has the same pb, if I add the red border and you switch your screen (Chrome) frome full size to reduced, the img no more goes inside the containerImg http://codepen.io/anon/pen/JYRRYp
  8. Than you for fast answer. Looks nice but I only want to have one tween each time screen is resized, not a permanent one. I tried setting repeat:0 but it no more restarts when resizing. CS
  9. Hi Diaco, I made some progress on my side. I don't know how JavaScript Media Queries could help me ? It seems I am near a solution simply using %. But I get some problems: - $(window).resize does not works ideally. After resizing the browser window, especially when resizing using a move of the windows vertical side to widen or reduce, sometimes the tween get lost. It starts but stops without completing the action. May be am I missing some reset function somewhere ? Data used by the Tween seems corrupted ? - After resizing the screen, when it works Ok, the img stops on a position near what I am asking but not totally (???). If I press F5 to refresh without changing the screen size, the sequence is replayed but the image arrives in a different place. Not far from the previous, but different ??? Here is the corresponding codepen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/ojzLjB EDIT: I have added a red border to containerImg and it shows the pb. Thanks for help again. CS
  10. Hello Diaco, Could you help a last time as I am facing a challenged I was not expecting: all my layout is bootstrap built using container-fluid. And in this theme, ht image has to adopt a size proportional to the display: positioned at a % of height and width with a size which vary depending the screen size. (for small size (< 720px)I dont want to play the animation but for larger screens (992, 1200) I need it. Could I use % where I have been using fixed values ? Thanks again for help. CS
  11. Ok, I made this http://codepen.io/anon/pen/avNMpW What is missing and I can't find how to do it: 1) nice transition when on the end of the 360° loop 2) reduce speed 3) Move from a point on left or right to reach center and in the same time grow from 1 point to its full size. Any help welcome. PS: how to stop the codepen ? CS
  12. Hi, Being new to GreenSock, I want to move a circular <IMG> from some small point (coming from the background effect) to its full size centered in the page. I also want the image to be rotating on itself. But I can't reach a smooth rotating effect. I have been tweaking an existing example and trying something as <body> <div id="container"> <img id='svg' class="R-T" src="img/sigle-1920.png"> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/greensock/TweenMax.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> TweenLite.set(container, { perspective: 300 }); TweenMax.staggerTo('.R-T', 1, { rotationX: 360, repeat: 20, ease: Linear.easeNone, delay: -1 }, 1); </script> </body> The rotation is very fast, too much fast. Is there a way to slow it down ? Then to move my image from one point with a small size and grow it while it keeps rotating an inflating to its final size and position ? Thanks for help. CS