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  1. Have a look at the attached codepen, and notice the very end when it connects the lines. Any reason why it looks so glitchy right at the end?
  2. This may just work. Also: (Carl), it would be nice to have the following (For event driven timelines): If I add a function callback that return a tween, should be prepended onto the timeline, and run after the function callback. Another thing that would be helpful, is just a way to prepend an item to the timeline (Which would automatically move children down as necessary).
  3. How would I go about doing this. When the onComplete event would fire, I have a main timeline which has things that has animations queued. If I try and inject something at the beginning of the timeline, things get pushed back. If I try and add them to the current timeline (In which the event would be called), it get's run on top of the main timeline. Is there a way to add something to the front of an animation queue, and push the rest of the items down?
  4. I'm using a timeline currently like a queue system. Based on events from a server, I'm displaying animations, by just adding them to the timeline. I'd like to add a function to the timeline which control what animations it does next (If it should fade out some image, or tween out some other images). I can't do this outside of the timeline, because variables could be changed, (For instance, if I queue up some open/close animations in between.) I looked to add things to the front of a timeline, but it doesn't affect the other items in the timeline, and can cause some things to overlap. Returning a tween/timeline from a function() also does nothing, and I'm a bit stumped on how to proceed. Any ideas?
  5. See the codepen below for an example. I'm trying to figure out why adding callbacks to my timeline are not firing. The first one fires as it should, but then when I add another alert, it no longer fires. Why is this? It shouldn't be paused when I add it, and I believe calling play() again is causing issues in my code that I'm trying to track down.