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  1. The readme for the slider gives this example block of code to show how to rig it up for use: <div id="container"></div> <script src="TimelineMax.js"></script> <script src="gsap-timeline-slider.js"></script> <script> // `timeline` is your TimelineLite/Max instance containing all the necessary tweens var slider = new GSAPTLSlider(timeline, "container", { width: 300 }); </script>
  2. In case anyone came across this forum post with a particular use case like mine (e.g. seeking to a label time with sped-up playback), I used a TweenMax.to() call instead of TimelineMax.tweenTo(): function quickSeekToTimeLabel( timeline, label, duration ) { TweenMax.to( timeline, duration || 0.2, {time: timeline.getLabelTime(label)}); }
  3. Great timeline scrubber utility, @igordi. I added an extra timecode feature which helps with tweaking my animation start and end times. Check it out here: https://github.com/lvl99/gsap-timeline-slider