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  1. Hi Carl, thanks for answering. Isn't that the same than specifying repea = -1? As I can see on VideoLoader:_statusHandler, line 932: if (this.vars.repeat == -1 || uint(this.vars.repeat) > _repeatCount) { _repeatCount++; dispatchEvent(new LoaderEvent(VIDEO_COMPLETE, this)); gotoVideoTime(0, !_videoPaused, true);
  2. Hello, I'm trying to loop a video and the video loops, but not at the end of the video, it's cut at approx 50% of the video. The video is 4 seconds long and at the half it just jumps to the end and starts the loop again. Any idea in how to prevent that? I'm loading the video with this line: var lVideoPlayer:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("assets/myVideo.flv", {name:myVideo.flv,container:videosParents[_videoNdx], autoPlay:false, requireWithRoot:this.root, deblocking:1, repeat:(_videoNdx==1?-1:1),onComplete:_onConnect }); I would need perfect seamless loop, but hopping that way is hard. At the same time, the video triggers 2 events, right now I'm tracking that events using VideoLoader.PLAY_PROGRESS but perhaps it would be more efficient using cues? Well, thank you in advance, Toni