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  1. Great!! Thanks OSUblake and Diaco @Diaco, what i don't understand (because i don't know much or anything about SVG) is how do you calculate correctly the height and the witdth and the correct calculation of the childs.
  2. Hi, I am having a little problem dragging an anchor, look at the CodePen please. An additional problem is that the SVG can be dragged clicking not only in the SVG but (specially at the left) when i am clicking far away from the SVG (100 pixesla i guess). All is in the Codepen. Again, excuse if maybe some of this questions are very basic. Please advice, any help are welcome
  3. Thanks!! Just one question: will this work if latter i add a new element with class "class1"? Will this works for elements added at runtime to the Dom?
  4. Hi, Continue my learning process im planning to do some tests with the draggable option. My first question is: without being yet a memeber of the Green Sock Club, i can use draggable options except some more advanced right? In case that i can... i want to be able to select any visible Dom element (or most common like divs, images, etc) on my page and drag it to a different place on the document or just to select that visible Dom element.. How can achieve that? Right now i am using a class to make object selectable to drag, if i use * instead, it selects the document also. Maybe there is another more efficient way, in fact i don't know if using Draggable.create(".mobil"); inside the function is a good coding standard, but if i don't do it it does not works. Any idea will be welcome. Thanks
  5. Thanks Carl and Shaun!! Great forum with a very positive and warm ambient,, something that its not easy to find this days in the internet
  6. I am reading the book, and i am following carefully each example. Its very clear ! I recommend it to others. Maybe could be a great idea to add something announcing the book permanently in the main webpage of GreenSock, im sure that many people, like me, does not know about the book when trying to learn about GSAP.
  7. Hi, Im doing a very simple test, but i start trying to animate a span instead a div and something goes wrong (or, as i think, i do something wrong), but the same runs fine in a div but does not as a span. I add the CodePen. Don't be too rude, i am stupid and a newbie
  8. Hi, Thanks both for your comments, i already purchase the ebook and i am studing it. I was more or less into GSAP from Flash, but i want to get a better knowledge and understand in detail as much as i can. I will latter, in the next days, suscribe to the workshop of ihatetomatoes (no matter that i love tomatoes!!) I appreciate that this is a serious library with serious communitty and support. Thanks again for your answers
  9. Hi, I just discover the ebook from Noble. Greensock people write it or its a third party author? Did you recommend it? I saw the ihatetomatoes video option, but price is a little high in my point of view. (But it looks very good!!) Which one did you recommend me? I am a desktop software developer and i am developing some desktop Visual Jquery animation tool and i will love to include the option to use GSAP (JQuery is not really intented as an animation lib i guess, no matter that people believes that it is). Thats why i have a lot of interest on learning about GSAP. Thanks in advance.
  10. Sublime Text2 is the only or is there any other recommended editor for working with GSAP? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, Just wondering if there is somewhere a list of the css properties that can work with GSAP? Thanks in advance.
  12. Excuse me if i am asking something so naive. It is possible (using GSAP features) to use not only draggable but resizeable (not just in one corner, but resizeable in more than one direction)? Thanks in advance
  13. Maybe the GreenSock developers can make some more video tutorials and examples to spread faster the lib. Congratullations to be in Lynda.com
  14. Hi, I am new into GreenSock librarie, also in Jquery. I am a desktop software developer, but i am testing and learning, in this case TweenMax. This experiment is just that, the code is a mess (because i was only touching here and there). Thats why i scramble it. This experiment reads from an XML the filenames and make a very experimental slider (is my first one in my whole life!!) and i am lazy, so i just use 4 images, its running in a loop. Also its somehow responsive (its suppoused to be at 80%!!). Its not finished at all. Have mercy, its my 3th day with this lib. http://idoneo.us/galerias/1/
  15. Hi, I want to buy initially a simple licence, but maybe in the future i want to upgrade. It is possible or do i need to purchase a new licence if i want to get a more complete one? Thanks in advance.