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  1. I first tried using CSS, but when I was informed that it looks buggy on Safari, I tried with Greensock to see if it fixes it. It still has the same issues, but ONLY on Safari. After a bit of research I saw it discussed on StackOverflow as a Safari bug. The bug is: while doing the transition, half of the element seems to transition differently than the other half. It shows a line in the middle, like if the element was made of paper and was bending in half. Is there any way around it? I presented a few animations to the client, but this animation (rotateY) was the unanimous selection. Note: I am somewhat new to Javascript and Greensock. You may notice better ways to do what I did. I wouldn't mind suggestions on improving it, but what I am really after is a solution to the bug/glitch. Thank you for your time.
  2. I don't know if this is an adequate post, but I wanted to know the input from GSAP pros regarding SmoothState.js http://miguel-perez.com/ (Click on the blog posts since they are the only internal pages. It seems like there is not a good demo about it) It creates incredibly smooth transitions from one page to the other. Could the same be accomplished using GSAP?
  3. Carl, thank you for the examples and your comments. I will continue to do some research on and practice with Scroll Magic, starting those links you shared. At the moment I am avoiding the diagonal scroll until I understand the library better. With my current knowledge I get lost when looking at someone else's final code. Petr, thank you for your suggestions. I have crawled your blog and YouTube channel a few times already and probably will continue doing so. Still waiting for your Greensock workshop! And please do a demo of this subject. A few days ago I bought the Greensock eBook that just came out. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll look back at this and smile with confidence
  4. I am trying to figure out if I can use Greensock for a page we're building. I haven't learned the library yet so the question may be "newbie-sh." What we are trying to do is a timeline page where things happen as you scroll down. Because of the way the timeline is being visually designed, it is intended to scroll diagonally, then down, then right, etc. I have seen parallax sites that scroll horizontally and vertically, but not many scroll diagonally. Is it so much harder to do? Does it create other issues? Any clarity and pointers are welcome. Thanks in advance.