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  1. BTW, i found the solution. My mistake was that i was setting `hover` as a global variable. I had to set it as const hover = gsap.to... so: const hover = gsap.to(animateElements, { translateY: -15, autoAlpha: 1, paused: true, ease: "power2.inOut", stagger: 0.1, });
  2. Hi there, I edited the codepen therefore also the question. Its strange that now the animation happens only on the last item of the array and not on the array im hovering over. Any help, please?
  3. Hi there, Im trying to animate a pseudo element in my React (Nextjs) app but i get an error using CSSRulePlugin. I import the plugin like this: import { CSSRulePlugin } from "gsap/dist/CSSRulePlugin"; and then trying to use it like this: gsap.registerPlugin(CSSRulePlugin); let checkboxRipple = CSSRulePlugin.getRule( `.checkbox-wrapper #${[id]}:after` ); gsap.to(checkboxRipple, { cssRule: { scale: 1.75, opacity: 0, }, duration: 2, }); but i get the error you see in the attached screenshot. Any help?
  4. Yes this works fine. I was overthinking and i complicated it, lol. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi PointC, Im trying to make them pulsate like they are now but in a random order. Probably the opacity.
  6. Hi there, I want to apply effects randomly to the elements and i want these shapes to randomly fade in and out as you see in the pen. I tried this using gsap interpolate util as shown in the pen but it interpolates through the classes at the same time. How do i make it interpolate randomly? Maybe there is another way to achieve this?
  7. Thank you Cassie Much appreciated! However, how do i animate back (reverse) when i click the back button?
  8. Hi there, I'm building a multistep contact form and each time i click the next button i want the flower to rotate for 45 degrees but now it only rotates once on the first click and not on the other clicks. And also i want it to rotate back when i click the back button. Attached is a simplified codepen and i hope there is enough code to explain the situation.
  9. Why splitText is ignoring white space between words? i tried reduceWhiteSpace: false, but it didn't work.
  10. Oh, that was easy! However i noticed another issue. Its not separating the words! I edited the codepen.
  11. Hi there, Im using MotionPath plugin to animate a text through a path and SplitText to split the text into characters but as you see it displays the text in reverse. For example when i write "Gsap" i see "pasG". I think the title and the codepen is self explanatory. How can i fix this issue?
  12. Thaaanks a lot! Your support is amazing as i see in other topics here. Never seen a support like this! Keep it up!