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  1. My company currently purchased the Business Green license. The SWC that comes with the download wont let me see certain code hints in Flash Builder. 2 items that I have had trouble with are the Ease functions not showing to be available, and the XMLLoader is not available as a loader. But the APP publishes OK from Flash. Thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Imports fine now, thanks so much for your responsiveness. We are forging you a medal as we type
  3. Hey Jack, Me and my coworker are having trouble importing XMLLoader in Flash Builder. it is not found searching for it via Flash Builder but it IS in the actual folder. I am using version 1.17. Any thoughts? Thanks. Charles
  4. I believe those random numbers only get generated once when the tween gets created. This code could be optimized but this is a quick solution, perhaps I can optimize it later if necessary. Try this: var obj:Object = {}; function doLoop():void { var numX:Number = Math.random()*300; var numY:Number = Math.random()*300; var numRotation:Number = Math.random()*360; TweenMax.to(obj, 1, {x:numX, y:numY, rotation:numRotation, onComplete:doLoop}); } //call function doLoop();