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    Glow effect?

    I found a Solution! Maybe "extern" was the wrong term, I meant "not Inline" but an svg from the same Domain. First: You're right Jonathan. In my case: svg manipulation isnt allowed from extern Domains. so I cant use the codepen with Images on free Image Hosters. Second: I can get access to the svg by fetching it with javascript first like in this codepen http://codepen.io/opendoors/pen/NRgvXq like explained her from jbeard4: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3346106/accessing-a-dom-object-defined-in-an-external-svg-file thanks for helping me!
  2. Sandschieber

    Glow effect?

    Hello Jonathan ! thanks for your great help here. I have tried to modify your earlier codepen from in this topic: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/zKwypR?editors=1000 I want to use an extern svg for the blur effect. Heres my Codepen: http://codepen.io/opendoors/pen/NRjZkd Do you (or anyone else) have an Idea how to manage this?
  3. Thank you both very much ! Both Answers are right and helpful! and now I will try to get this into my script...
  4. I have different animations and need therefore timelines in function, that's how I understood it, anyway. Now I like to control about the timelines in these functions and dont know how to do that. Here are two Codepen examples: first without Function is running, but I need to get the second one running. without function: http://codepen.io/opendoors/pen/jrBOEg and with function: http://codepen.io/opendoors/pen/ALqBXL
  5. Thank you guys for helping me. Both Posts are helpfull!
  6. Hi there, I like to animate 3 things step by step: 1. an div animation 2. One Second later: H1 Splittext Animation 3. Two Seconds later: H2 Splittext Animation I dont know how to put a pause before the splittext animation. I have tried it with an marker before the splittext loop, but that does not work. I would be pleased for any help Here is my modified codepen: http://codepen.io/opendoors/pen/VKPPmB
  7. thankyou. loading at the end...
  8. Hi. I am new to gsap and like to reproduce the simplest splitText Example from the SpitText Introducing Video: http://greensock.com/SplitText This runs in codepen http://codepen.io/anon/pen/LVrzxN?editors=101 But not on my local machine. Why not? The SplitText.min.js File is loaded local. An thats what it looks like in Chrome.