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  1. Tread's post in Draggable "jumping" after being tweened was marked as the answer   
    Decided that I would try a go at nested draggables one more time... And it worked!
    It's not so hacky this round.
    Container div with draggable type: "x,y"and an inner div with draggable type: "y". 
    Then, on the container, include this:
    onLockAxis: function (e) { if (this.lockedAxis === "x") { this.endDrag(e); } else { innerDraggable.disable(); } }, onRelease: function () { if (this.getDirection() === "right" || this.getDirection() === "left") { innerDraggable.enable(); } }   This allows me to figure out which way the user is dragging (via lockedAxis) and do with it whatever is needed.
    If the container was just type: "x", then the two draggables together would act like a single type: "x,y". I want them to act like a single lockAxis draggable, but with extra-granular control over their motion.
    Coincidentally, this arrangement doesn't require tweening the draggable like I needed to before. (Bonus)
    Thanks, again, for the response Carl. Inspired me to give it another go from scratch!