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ohem last won the day on April 23 2017

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  1. Thank you for the extremely fast response! That works perfectly. (I wonder why "background" was causing problems though?)
  2. It's been a while since I used GSAP, but I'm using it again for a current project. I've been using some variation of the same button rollover animation/reverse code for years, so I updated that for GSAP 3 and added it to my project. Everything works fine in Chrome, but in Firefox (on a Mac), on mouseout, the button's background color disappears instead of changing back to its original color. I put together a simplified example on Codepen here: https://codepen.io/ohem/pen/WNwNaMx Does anyone know how I can fix this? Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. I wish anyone had been willing to discuss this... I still have no idea how to decide on an appropriate flat rate, so I just always end up charging hourly.
  4. https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/WQjRXE
  5. Can you point them to this documentation? https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/1722096?hl=en
  6. The feed input should be fine. Leave your bindings as is; just do a find and replace (command shift f) to update the span tags, or you could do it manually if you want to.
  7. FYI you should get rid of the existing GWD timeline animation before trying to animate with GSAP; otherwise GSAP will be fighting with the existing CSS and you might run into weird conflicts (plus it's pretty messy to edit). As Jack mentioned, <span> elements are inline elements, so transforms won't work on them, but you could set them to display:inline-block to animate with transforms. Or why not just use <p> instead of <span> for your text?
  8. Hi everyone, I was just curious how most freelancers decide how much to charge. I often see the advice to charge flat project-based (or deliverable-based) rates, and it makes sense. I mean, with an hourly rate you're basically punished for being fast. But... how do you decide how much a banner is actually worth? Does anyone have a sense of what kind of price range most companies (in the US) would consider typical/reasonable? I get the impression that larger agencies don't mind paying a lot to outsource to production studios/shops, but when it comes to individual freelancers, they might not be so generous. I'm never really sure how much is appropriate to charge so I've always shied away from flat rates, but the idea seems appealing... so I was just curious what kind of methods you all use for determining market rates. Any insight is appreciated! *Edited to add an anonymous poll
  9. It really is as simple as including a link to TweenMax and then starting your animation after the ad initializes (the animation code does not need to be any different than usual for GWD). Here's a step by step article on Medium: https://medium.com/@alexcleary/google-web-designer-and-greensock-c11473130184 To keep things cleaner, you can also keep your animation in an external JS file.
  10. Cool concept! I did get the same two errors as Davi on a few banners I tested, but I would definitely be interested in a product like this once the kinks are ironed out.
  11. I think the templates are still here if you filter by dynamic: http://richmediagallery.com/create/templates
  12. You can also use GSAP for animation within GWD, as opposed to using GWD's timeline. There are some nifty features for dynamic ads in GWD such as text fitting and truncation, and the ability to preview different sample feed data at the same time.
  13. Thanks for sharing your stories. I’ve been noticing the trend of outsourcing too, and it’s pretty disconcerting.
  14. Hey everyone! I was in a longterm (several years) contract role which recently ended. I haven't been job hunting or freelancing for a while, and I was just curious what the market has been like for other banner animators/developers lately? Are you still seeing a lot of demand for this type of work, or have you felt the need to branch out into other mediums? Banners are such a fun niche, but I'm debating whether it's too limiting (career-wise) to be too specialized in one thing. Just thought I'd see how the past couple of years have been treating everyone here... I'd love to hear your stories! (It's been a bit quiet in this forum now that the initial chaos of the 2015 flashpocalypse died down.)