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  1. Hi all, Fairly new to the whole javascript tweening animation business. I've included a fairly complex svg file in a website I'm working on via an <object> tag and am using GSAP to animate it. //GSAP tweening/animation STUFF $(document).ready(function(){ var svg = document.getElementById("homeAnimation"); var svgDoc = svg.contentDocument; var homeSwitch = svgDoc.getElementById("homeSwitch"), homeSmallGear = svgDoc.getElementById('homeSmallGear'), homeBigCog = svgDoc.getElementById('homeBigCog'), homePipeBall1 = svgDoc.getElementById('homePipeBall1'), homePipe
  2. Thank you! That was driving me crazy! I'm using GreenSock for all the animation but yes I realize this was more of a general SVG question so thanks for the reply.
  3. Hi all, Very new to SVG editing and GSAP in general so please excuse this very newbie question. I've searched the forums but haven't found a simple answer to my question.. Which is: How do I centre the text in this circle in firefox. It's aligned prefectly in other browsers. Please help!! Kind regards B