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  1. Oh man, thank you Jack. So i only need the x: -600 because i don't need to count the first frame. And i don't count the first step so the config is (2).
  2. Hi everyone, Just trying to get a simple 3 frame animation happening with this dancing girl as an example to be used in an MREC. It's working perfectly except for the end of the animation where it flickers off. I would like it to play all 3 frames and then return to the start to play again. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
  3. Hi there, I am trying to have a loading circle play until the other content on the page has loaded (mainly an iframe displaying vimeo). Once that happens the loading circle should fade, the logo play and the vimeo iframe begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Phil
  4. Hi Dipscom, Thank you so much for your help. The end result will hopefully use alot more greensock once it is on a website and i would like to eventually have the videos scrolling through once the lightbox is open so this is awesome help. I was hoping to use divs as the links though. Is this impossible because we need the child nature of a list? This is probably moving away from a greensock forum now but is there a way to match up the amount of .item divs to the videos? Is this where i would start? var x = document.getElementsByClassName("example"); Cheers, Phil
  5. Hi, Is there a better way to do this? I want to load about 15 different videos all up for a portfolio type site. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  6. Thanks so much for all the input. I was asleep while all of this was happening! I probably could have described it better, i was talking about a flicking not a flickering and the snapping is a much better description. All of these posts are brilliant. I might push further in the project and post again soon. Thanks all, Phil
  7. Hi there, I am trying to make 3 divs fold out from under one another and was going quite well until i noticed that the divs are sort of flickering when they get to the end of their transitions. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Phil
  8. Hi all, Trying to animate a line between 2 random points inside a circle using drawSVG. That is the end result i am hoping for. But this is a learning experience so doing it bit by bit. However, i am now stuck. I can make the points appear (currently limited to 2) but would like to animate them in on the pointsTL timeline rather than using the pointer.appendTo("#circle").fadeIn(x);. I put an example in the top left to show what i am trying to achieve but happy for direction to get back on track at the moment in terms of setting up the gsap timeline. Any help is appreciated! Phil
  9. Hi, I am trying to make a counter. The namings might seem a bit weird but they are specific to another project that this is for. Basically, once it is in it's final place the activeIndex will be determined by a slider.js that i have running. Once the activeIndex == 1 or 2. it should set a number 49 or 70 that the count() function will count to. Any help would be great! Thanks, Phil
  10. Hi CraigWheatley and Point C, Thanks for your input! I'm going to stick with the jquery method because I have about 16 icons all up! Point C thanks for you help, just one thing do you think you could explain what the (function(i, element) means? The rest i can sort of understand but i don't see what the i after the function does. Thanks, Phil
  11. Hi, I am having a problem animating multiple icons with all of them hovering at once. I have tried each() etc. but can't seem to crack it. Ideally I would like to have it that on hover the timeline iconHover plays and then reverses when the mouse is taken off. Any help would be much appreciated, Phil
  12. Sorry i think i fixed it. My script.js was loading before my jquery. Thanks again!
  13. Sorry i think i fixed it. My script.js was loading before my jquery. Thanks again!
  14. Hi PointC! Thanks for this. Works a treat! Except when i try to use it in my files on my desktop it doesn't seem to want to work. This happens to me alot when i copy code from greensock and into my files. Is there some structure or heirachy that i am missing? I stops working when i use it in the /js/script.js file but works fine if i put it on the bottom of the home page? Thanks so much, Phil
  15. Not sure if this is nested timelines but this is what I was after if any other beginners can use it. http://codepen.io/phillip_vale/pen/rLVMaB?editors=0010
  16. Hi, I am trying to do a simple nav that starts as a 'burger', animates to a cross and opens the menu on the right. I would then i would like it to change back to a burger and hide menu if the cross is clicked or an item in the menu is clicked. Does this involve switching between the onClick="menuIn()" and onClick="menuOut()" like they mention in this forum? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5303899/change-onclick-action-with-a-javascript-function Am i even close? Thanks for any help, Phil
  17. That is great help thanks Carl. I will look into the onLoad or loadComplete callbacks. Codepen looks like it has exactly what i am trying to do as well. I never would have thought to look there. Cheers, Phil
  18. This is great thanks so much. Last question, when i use it in the index.html file the <script> works perfectly. When i implement it in the .js file i have attached it stops working. Any ideas what the error could be here? Thanks again, Phil
  19. Amazing, Carl to the rescue again! I guess i was wanting to have a mainTL with another timeline resting on pause that would play once the first 2 items in the mainTL have. I have updated my codepen to this... var mainTL = new TimelineMax() mainTL .to("#moving", 1, {x: 100}) .play("otherTL") var otherTL = new TimelineMax({paused: true}) otherTL .to("#move", 1, {x: 100}) I have heard about nested timelines in my reading. Does that sound like where i am going with this? Thanks for you help again, Phil
  20. Hi, I am trying to work out best practice to pause another play another timeline. I have included 2 attempts with the first commented out. Ideally i would like it to run so that in the sequence of the first timeline (tl1) it resumes the paused timeline (tl2). I'm not sure if this means that an onComplete need to be added or whether it can just be a command in the timeline. e.g. .from("object", 1, {})... .from("object", 1, {})... .resume("tl2") .from("object", 1, {})... Sorry if the syntax is incorrect just trying to explain my problem. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, Phil
  21. Hi Carl, Thanks so much for you help on this. The client has now changed the brief where the buttons need to hover and show their name. I tried updating the codepen but i think i am missing something. I thought the reverse would handle the MouseOff but they seem to stay on. Again thanks so much for your help so far. Cheers, Phil
  22. Hi, I am trying to build a preloader based on a new logo for a client. I tried some tutorials and even reworking existing code but can't quite grasp it. I essentially would like this animation to repeat until the content behind it is loaded and then on completion the logo jumps and fades. Genuinely trying to learn so don't mind any pointers. I'm not sure what i am checking the loading elements against and what should occur when those elements have loaded. Thanks for any help, Phil
  23. Hi there, I am trying to build a project for work that is essentially a map based infographic. This is my first major project using Greensock so i am trying to do things step by step. First step. The icons that will display on the map. I have made these red in my example and was want each to open a box next to them. I was wondering the best way to do this? Of course at the moment when i click one they both open. Is the class best used to style in the css (e.g. .icon) and the id for Greensocks use? Any help is appreciated, Phil
  24. Hi Carl and Rodrigo, Thanks for your advice, help and examples for this. I will try these with my site and let you know how i go. Cheers, Phil
  25. Hi, I am trying to create an accordion menu using Greensock. Alot of the code I have used comes from this section of the forum. http://greensock.com/forums/topic/9110-accordion-menu-with-gsap/ Two things different that I am trying achieve are: Making 'one' open on page load. Add padding inside the content areas. (Seems to still add padding when the sections are closed.) Any help is much appreciated. Cheers, Phil