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  1. Very cool, I need to read up on timelines, thanks I will give this a shot
  2. thought you guys would like to see what this ended up looking like in 3D. This is a link to one of the scenes from my new app https://nftdesigner.app/IVSplayer.php?ivs=15509631445c71ced918d32
  3. You da man! I knew there had to be a simple fix. Lesson learned, thanks so much. Well I have a few more I will post later in new post….
  4. Yes. Took them out because they were not working, I just put one in at the oncomplete and as you can see, it’s still not working. I know of a way to do it, I can use js timeout to do what I want, I just figured I was missing the obvious, but maybe not. Thoughts?
  5. Well I am sure there are many ways to do this, but I guess my main question, is Why does the delay command Not work? I tried it both the first tween and the one in oncomplete. Does that command only work in timelines?
  6. well this part - rotate from 0 to -90 - pause - rotate between -90 and 90 - pause -then yoyo true so - rotate between 90 and -90 - pause - rotate between -90 and 90 - pause repeat -90 to 90 pause then yoyo 90 to -90 pause repeat forever In the demo you did, it still does not pause at end of 0 to -90, it quickly goes to -90 to 90 without any pause Yes sorry I just upgraded to ver 3 so still in TweenMax mode but will update
  7. This is not what I am using since it is in threejs but pulled relevant parts In my example. What is happening is Almost what I want, but the part that is missing is a delay after the first move. The part inside the oncomplete is working fine, but what it looks like is the first one does not pause after the move. I tried adding a delay for the oncomplete but that did not work, and YES I need to have this inside an oncomplete I think. What I want is to be able to rotate from 0 to -90 and pause then rotate between -90 and 90 with a pause after each move. The only part missing is the pause after 0 to -90 THanks Jeff