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  1. Hi, I hope it's ok to post here a question about ScrollMagic + GSAP, too. I want to pause a DrawSVG Animation on a certain point for a certain duration. I've done this so far: http://codepen.io/thomasflad/pen/oXGdJM Now I have the problem that on the end of the duration of the pause the animation jumps because it doesn't resume on the last position. How can i tell ScrollMagic to "wait" and stretch the length of the animation for the amount of time? Many thanks for your ideas!
  2. Hi, i try to center an object along a path animation: http://codepen.io/thomasflad/pen/oXGdJM How can I center the origin of the object to the center of the path? Bonus question: I use ScrollMagic, how can I achieve the same speed of object and path animation? The object should be always at the end of the path. I am grateful for all the tips. Thomas