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  1. Thanks for your reply. If you get more information about Google's support for GSAP, I hope you will post it on your website somewhere... maybe along with information regarding the presence/paths of GSAP in the CDNs of all ad networks?
  2. You are right about gzip, I was mistaken on that, mostly because we are at the end of the flow, and we often deal with people who make their own interpretations of the standards. The publisher requests are ultimately what we deal with, even if they are misinformed. I remember a case (back in the good ole' Flash days) where we had to fit an ad in mac's "size on disk" information instead of the actual file size... I think there is a lot of unclear information out there, and people tend to be on the conservative side of things when in doubt. As for the support for GSAP on the CDN, we deal with https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/176108?hl=en (section all other html5 ads) which clearly state that the only thing that can be external is jQuery and google fonts. I did not find any information about GSAP in their doc. We also deal with adgear, and here is what they have to say : While AdGear uses its own CDN to deliver files, we also allow developers to use other CDNs to host library and framework code. Note that publishers and ad exchanges will still include those files' sizes in the max ad file weights. (ref. https://adgear.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1081360)
  3. I strongly suggest that there should be a "light" version of the CSS plugin. Yes it's only 15k gzipped, but the filesize that is accounted for when publishing is the non-gzipped size. We often have a 150k limit with banners, and most of the time the designs we have to animate have transparency... we therefore are stuck with using heavy 32 bit png images. Every bit we can save on scripts is a bit we can use on images. For that reason, we were forced to program our own "plugin" for banners, since we cannot afford to include the CSSPlugin, but it's certainly not as robust as we wished. Since banners are html5, a css plugin with a limited backwards compatibility would save space. Also, maybe a subset of the properties we can animate would suffice (I'm thinking scale, rotation, opacity, position).