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  1. Hi Carl, Thank you for your replay. You are right about the Sony site, it was just an example to show you what I am trying to achive. I've already tryed to have images in the DOM but the browsers can't handle and freeze when i have position fixed of the container and position absolute of the images. I think I'm gonna try to load images for example in 9 different divs and separate the animations for them and toggle visibility as your suggestion. Thank you again.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to JavaScript and GSAP and at forums at all, so excuse me if something is incorrect, but what I've saw until now GSAP is a great tool for animations. I have a video(duration of 30sec) sequence that has been exported as 900 jpg's. My target is to make animation like the one in http://www.sony.com/be-moved/ . I load all images in an array and then execute the animation on scroll, which changes the src of an img tag like the example from scrollMagic http://scrollmagic.io/examples/expert/image_sequence.html. It's working very smooth on Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera (Windows 8.1), but on Firefox there's a blinking effect. When I scroll and change the src img tag is blinking and loosing video effect. In the codepen example it can be seen only for the first time when you scroll and then it's ok, i guess because of cashed images, but in my project they are 900 and it do it all the time. I'm looking for solution over two weeks and from what I've read 99% it's a Firefox performance bug or something. But anyway I wanted to ask the experts if there is any workaround or there's something wrong in my code. Firefox version is 38.0.5. Thanks in advance, Vlady