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  1. Hello again. Thanks for both answers. I didn't know about autoRemoveChildren. However i tried clear() earlier and it didn't work for me. Strangely it works now fine! Must be my mistake. Thanks once again for quick help, and have a nice day!
  2. Hello:-) I wanted to know is there any way to reuse same timeline to animate to random points at each replay? On each event I would like to make some animation that has mid animation random each time. This is what I came with(simplified code): var tl = new TimelineLite(), element = $('#element'); function onEvent(){ tl.kill(); //I don't know if this best way to clear whole time line tl = new TimelineLite(); var rotation = randomInt(-45,45); tl .to(element, 0.6, {rotation: rotation }) .to(element, 0.2, {autoAlpha:0}); } //I have other animation that returns it to