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  1. Hi, Currently if i have a text field on screen to keep it stuff and when i press key, it kinda delete away the whole text field. Is there anyway to go about it just to detect the key only for remove of item? pls advise. thanks chup
  2. Hi Admin, Thanks for the highlight, yea i forgot to compiled the script in the "_parent" movie, didnt think it was necessary. But now after i compiled, it work like a charm thanks again!
  3. Hi, I had try using the TransformManager and it work pretty cool on a independent .swf file. No problem with moving, scaling or rotating. But once i load this .swf to another .swf via loadMovie, the scale and rotation no longer work i'm still able to move the movieClip around, and the handle does appear also. But when i try to scale or rotate via the handle, it simply disappear. did i do anything wrong or something? thanks
  4. is there anyway way we can change the icon of the rotate and resize handler? thanks..
  5. i change link 789 of TransformItem.as to box(m_mc, 0 - _handleSize / 2, 0 - _handleSize / 2, _handleSize, _handleSize, _handleFillColor, 0, 1, _lineColor, 0); think it might do the trick...
  6. Hi, i have this following code that add item dynamically to the stage. But it there is some problem with it. For the 3rd item i insert and move, it will remove the 1st item for the 6th item i insert and move, it will remove the 2nd item for the 9th item i insert and move, it will remove the 3rd item for the 12th item i insert and move, it will remove the 4th item but the item will not be be remove if i just simple insert and not move the item. So i suspect the problem is with the "forceSelectionToFront" which kinda change the depth of the item and cause the problem. here is my code // transform manager var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[], bounds:{xMin:-300, xMax:700, yMin:-300, yMax:650}, forceSelectionToFront:true, scaleFromCenter:true, allowDelete:true, constrainScale:true, lineColor:0xa23a3b, handleFillColor:0x888888, eventHandler:onAnyEvent}); // // add item to stage totalDesignItem = 1; totalDesignCount = 0; // stageWidth = miniStage._width; stageHeight = miniStage._height; // for (i=1; i<=totalDesignItem; i++) { this.cpanel.panel2.elementMc["elementTn"+i].btn.onRelease = function() { totalDesignCount += 1; // id = this._parent._name.substr(9, 2); miniStage.itemHolder.attachMovie("element"+id,"stageElement"+totalDesignCount,totalDesignCount); // miniStage.itemHolder["stageElement"+totalDesignCount]._x = stageWidth/2; miniStage.itemHolder["stageElement"+totalDesignCount]._y = stageHeight/2; // // add item to transform manager manager_obj.addItem(miniStage.itemHolder["stageElement"+totalDesignCount]); }; } any idea where did i go wrong? thanks in advance
  7. i assume this solution is for AS3.0 if there any solution for AS2.0? thanks in advance