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  1. Hi guys, today i was trying to reproduce a kind of fountain effect made of div with the following concept:

    • Create a javascript array
    • Push a div into the array 
    • Initialize its position with css wherever you want
    • Move the dive like a water spurt
    • Repeat with setInterval 

    Well as you can see it's quietly easy, not that complicated but i was wondering how can i realize the fountain effect? well i mean, which kind of function do i have to use to give my animation this effect?

    Here's an example of what i'm trying to reproduce.



    Note: the previous example is realized using a canvas, i'd like to reproduce it without canvas, only using divs, jquery and the TweenLite library.



    TL DR: Which is the function i should use to reproduce something like that: http://cssdeck.com/labs/html5-canvas-fountain-exploding-particles-with-gravity using the TweenLite library?

  2. Hi guys, today morning i was reading the "get started page" on the GSAP web site, i was finding it really interesting, then i decided to try it. But as soon as i wrote my code and launched on google chrome, it didn't seem to work at all. Then i started wondering if there were some problems with my browser even because i tried the same code on CODEPEN () and it's working perfectly. So my question is, what to i have to do, to run the code on my browser? 

    ps. I'm new here, this is my first post and i really hope this is the right section, these are the right topic tags, if not i'm really sorry about it.post-36694-0-24071200-1433283208_thumb.png

    See the Pen EjWNRg by RyanLeenox (@RyanLeenox) on CodePen