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  1. Thanks a lot Diaco.AW ! I hope that i'll not get other problems with this illustration ! Have a nice day
  2. Sorry Diaco.AW , I don't want to create an other post because I've got nearly the same problem now... I tried as far as I could to get it work but I'm not able to set the OffsetMorning (named "OffsetCielMatin") on the animation's start... It seems that colors changing is good, but on the begining of the animation there are Morning's colors but not the appropriate offset ! As a matter of fact, it's only the MidDayOffset which is applied (named "OffsetCielMidi") Check this out here : http://codepen.io/BibiCoding/pen/VLpLmW?editors=101 It's the hardest part of my project, but it seems to be a good training...
  3. God damn it ! Huge thanks Master Diaco.AW !
  4. Thanks Diaco.AW ! This is working well thanks, but can I include this attr:{} in StaggerFromTo method which is mine ?
  5. Hello everybody ! How are you there ? Since my last post here, I improved a lot of things and I changed color of my illustration (not yet in function of the local time, but it's coming ! ), thank's to Diaco.AW Here is the codepen attached to this topic : http://codepen.io/BibiCoding/pen/VLpLmW But today I'm here because I have an initial gradient with 13 children "stop", but then in the other gradient, I would like to have only 7 colors in the gradient. That's why I decided to include Jquery to select children, then to make a table for new colors that I want ( couleurCiel[] ). I've done a loop with the var "c" which represent a child of the gradient (incremented at the end of the loop with "c++" and the var "i" to watch the associated table. There's an other table "offset[]" with value of the new gradient offset i would like to have. But you'll see in the codepen that without changing the offset, it only change the color of the "Defaults" gradient but not it's offset, so that there is a huge black gap on the top ! The question is : How i could change the gradient offset and include this in my loop ? And is my code well written ? The staggerFromTo is a good solution in my case ? Moreover, you'll see that the animation is not really fancy, it goes one color after an other and it would be wonderfull if each children could changes at the same time (overlapping tweens ?) Thanks a lot and have a nice sunny day ( I hope for you )
  6. Thanks a lot Diaco it works ! I was not far of the solution, but here, if I understand well your code, you're editing the string value, isn't it ? Stopcolor is not an attribute in this case ? I ask you this because i was trying to edit this value with the attribute plugin of Greensock ... Sorry for Codepen, i'll check it next time ! Have a nice day everyone
  7. Hello guys how are you there ? I'm quite new at Greensock because I started learning it on Saturday. But I did practices a lot and now I want to use it for my own project. But here I have a problem, that's why I come here to ask you some help ! I'm working with an SVG file and I try to animate some of my drawings on the webpage, but, I drew a background with a gradient and i wanted to change it with a transition in greensock (TweenMax etc..). I could maybe do it with javascript only (wich I used to practice with a background of only one color, changing in function of the computer time), but i wanted to use Greensock's stuff. If I want to change this gradient, it's only to make it change in fonction of time with transition so that between 5am - 8am you've got dark blue on the bottom and red-orange nuances on the top, for example. So, I hope that I well explained my problem. Sorry for some English mistakes, I'm a french student in webdev. ! Have a nice day / night / evening ..