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  1. somnamblst's post in GSAP & Double Click Studio was marked as the answer   
    Coming from someone who ultimately ended up being asked to traffic her own Pointroll tags, if you can avoid being sucked into having to use Studio, I would try for that. Because then you end up having to do AdOps tasks
    Enhanced banners in DCM have advanced metrics.
    We actually had a Google employee assisting us with the transition. He said only expandables, video and dynamic had to be rich media AKA DCRM.
    We also had value added geo targeted Dynamic probably because this is a big account. That was not available post SWFs, and that was the point where Doubeclick was pushing people to become certified, at least one person per creative shop, to traffic their own DCRM ads.
  2. somnamblst's post in Flash Pro CC 2014 and GSAP Position Problem was marked as the answer   
    Where is your registration point?
    Move Transformation PointPreviously with ActionScript our GSAP tweens would transform around the Registration Point, however this is no longer the case when tweening inside of an Adobe Animate HTML5 Canvas document. Now when tweening by code with GSAP the transformation occurs around the Transformation Point, not the Registration Point. You can move the Transformation Point using the Free Transform Tool to any position you want.
  3. somnamblst's post in What the heck is <mpvc/>? was marked as the answer   
    Mediaplex, I believe.
    Looks like a cachebuster