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  1. Here is the LED 3D Wall link on Flashkit. Posting it here because some veteran GSAPers are also actionscript gurus and maybe the conversion to JS would not be insurmountable... Since you can export timeline animations to canvas, Flashkit can be a resource for FLAs, as unlike actionscript.org the FLAs were actually uploaded to the site and are not 404s Need santa and 8 reindeers? Flashkit has it. http://www.flashkit.com/movies/3D/Effects/3D_LED_S-ADVANCE--12388/index.php
  2. There is an AS3 LED wall FLA, that was posted to Flashkit, years ago. It is similar to your example, except it is the concave type, and the message does scroll, Not sure how feasible converting the AS3 to JS is, but it may give you an idea as to how to go about it. I have the FLA if you would like to see it. You might also be able to export it from Animate CC as a video, and use it as the background in your banner. You just change the string to change the text. On second thought, I don't think you can export actionscript animation to video, because there is nothing to export from a one frame timeline, with nothing on it. But maybe you can use some type of viddeo capture program to capture the SWF playing.
  3. I was thrilled to return to Flash AKA Animate CC, because I got some of my speed back. I have too many sizes to build, and unpredictably late approvals, for hand coding to be an option. Now that I have templates for each ad size that adds the clickTag var and window open for Doubleclick (DCM) and a style for each size since I am authoring at 2X. I have eliminated the need to edit the HTML file. I have successfully added an Animate authored canvas element to a Doubleclick Rich Media Youtube player template (DCRM), created ads with multiple canvas elements (bitmap video) and added a Youtube IFrame player to an Animate authored banner, so there are lots of ways to make things work. I would say for Rich Media, if one DCRM template does not play well with createjs, try another. The first YT Player DCRM template I tried, did break, the Visibility Monitor In Page YT Player template did not. The best news, is like the Flash days,once you have an FLA, and an HTML file that works, you can hand it off to the non coding designers, to reuse.
  4. If you need to have multiple click throughs, you can also use frame scripts assigned to specific instances. In this example, genClick is the whole banner, and the android, and apple buttons, are on a layer above genClick. this.apple_mc.on("click", function(evt){ window.open(clickTag, "_blank"); }); this.android_mc.on("click", function(evt){ window.open(clickTag1, "_blank"); }); this.genClick_btn.on("click", function(evt){ window.open(clickTag2, "_blank"); });
  5. You can use also try using the built in tween.js http://www.createjs.com/demos/tweenjs/tween_sparktable This is the example code snippet /* Tweens the specified Object using ease bounce out effect. */ var target = this.movieClip_1; var tween = createjs.Tween.get(target, { loop: true }) .to({ x: target.x, y: canvas.height - 55, rotation: -360 }, 1500, createjs.Ease.bounceOut) .wait(1000) .to({ x: canvas.width - 55, rotation: 360 }, 2500, createjs.Ease.bounceOut) .wait(1000) .to({ scaleX: 2, scaleY: 2, x: canvas.width - 110, y: canvas.height - 110 }, 2500, createjs.Ease.bounceOut);
  6. Welcome to the banner forum! Here you go. http://greensock.com/animatecc-quickstart
  7. You may find that no one here is using GWD. I have been using Animate CC for DCM files since Dec. and email a starter FLA and all my publish templates for each ad size to anyone who asks, which means I don't have to touch my HTML files at all. I have used Edge. Like a lot of Flash fluent people I consider Animate superior to Edge.. While it is true that DCRM has not created any Animate templates, you can add your canvas elements to the DCRM templates with some tweaking of the CSS, I have done it with the HTML5 In Page Visibility Monitor You Tube Player template. Here is an Animate forum post about creating a DCRM expanding unit while incorporating the Animate Canvas element. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1666938
  8. If you are Flash fluent, why not just go back to what you know? Though I could not personallly kick the tires on GWD, due to Enterprise Security, I have not heard anyone say they like it. http://blogs.adobe.com/animate/
  9. Actually it was Lanny who chastised others for criticizing an attached FLA rather than a Fiddle. The complaint was, "who wants to download an FLA?" Anyone who actually has an interest in effectively troubleshooting an Animate CC framescript question. You may not have that many requests from Animate banner builders because the UI does make it easy to not do anything with frame scripts I mainly reserve them for dramatic lockups, or product entrances. In one of the Animate Max presentations a number was given for the people who are Flash fluent and it was a really big number. In fact it was a tremendous number. Some people would say it is the best number. What I would like to figure out is animation start based on visibility, as I have seen my ads in the wild, where they were below the fold and had finished playing..
  10. I think you can assume there are a sizable number of banner creators, who are Flash fluent, and who are or will be using Animate to create banners. One of the things from the Flash days that made learning Flash relatively easy, was the FLA, a container file, that had everything packed into it. On Stack Overflow, Lanny of gskinner.com, is always correcting users who think a jsfiddle example is superior to an FLA, in order to help answer an Animate CC question. Being able to pick apart an FLA provided by, what was referred to on the Kirupa forum as a "math head", as opposed to an "art head", was a big part of the appeal of the Kirupa forum, with math heads and art heads playing well together. To attract new users who may be art heads to GSAP, I think it would be helpful to provide sample reusable FLAs, with clearly commented frame scripts, with a timeline that mimics the progression of most banner animations, headline or image, tagline, final frame and CTA, even though a math head would likely create a file that was a single frame FLA, I made an offer on the Adobe Animate CC forum, of my sample banner FLA, and the revisions to the HTML file that make them DCM ready, and I constantly get PMs asking for it. The message I forward with the attachments includes a link to this forum, because the Adobe forums really do suck...
  11. And so many people end up on forums, saying, "help! my Animate CC preview is blank!". It should not be checked by default.
  12. I remembered two Adobe Max presenters mentioning they had to remember that registration points were not the same in Canvas output, as it was in the SWF days.
  13. Where is your registration point? http://greensock.com/animatecc-quickstart Move Transformation PointPreviously with ActionScript our GSAP tweens would transform around the Registration Point, however this is no longer the case when tweening inside of an Adobe Animate HTML5 Canvas document. Now when tweening by code with GSAP the transformation occurs around the Transformation Point, not the Registration Point. You can move the Transformation Point using the Free Transform Tool to any position you want.
  14. I can't believe create spritesheet is default behavior...
  15. Anyone remember the window mode tricks we had to employ when things like drop down menus appeared behind SWFs?
  16. This may or may not be related to the question above. Finally got around to trying Cory's FLA with the AdHelper.js on my personal laptop, everything is fine. On my work laptop, they hang on preloader. Anyone want to guess what it is about Enterprise security that does not like that publish profile? Changing to a default publish profile fixes it. On preview in Chrome I see just the last 8 characters of this ( Loading Advertisement... ) aligned top left. Errors are Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null GSAP_AdStarter.html?29049:92 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of undefined
  17. Just chiming in with what I feel is helpful with frame scripts in Animate CC. I like to separate frame scripts, so they are in keyframes above the object being tweened on the timeline, though not necessary. It helps me quickly keep track of which named instance I am tweening, as I often can't remember what I named an instance. I definitely think templates, with slower more appropriate to banner copy animations, will be helpful, to people who would like to use GSAP, but are concerned they don't have enough time, given the numerous sizes, they have to build.
  18. Animate can publish OAM. I think it is for people who need WYSIWYG in Dreamweaver. For banners you just zip your js and html files and the images folder if there is one. Your backup image banner should be separate. Don't use spritesheets, it creates a JSON file, which I believe DCM will reject. My zipped Animate banners (CDN hosted createjs) are as small as 34K
  19. Try unchecking create spritesheet in publish settings.
  20. I saw no animation. I initially thought I was seeing static, because right clicking gave me save image as. Dev tools clearly showed the ad tag was the HTML5 ad, so clearly the animation was finished by the time it was viewable. What has changed between then and now in addition to HTML5 rather than SWFs, is pre HTML5 our SWF banners were DCRM served because DC was doing dynamic logo versioning as a value added freebie. As the Google Chrome cutoff loomed, it became apparent that Google wanted no part of the heavy lifting anymore, and we were nudged towards DCM, and told only expandables, video and dynamic needed to be DCRM. So I really don't know if this behavior is DCRM vs DCM, or user error on the part of our AdOps team. Other advertiser's ads on the page did not seem to exhibit this behavior, but i did not try to determine if they were Doubleclick served. The site was Washington Post. Multiples of the same campaign (3) were on the that one article page, two 300x250s, and one 300x600, which does not seem how banners should deliver. In one 300x250 in the article, rather than the sidebar, I did see the briefest end of the animation. Edited to add, as I am reloading and right clicking to view frame source I see Google's Gmail ad is DCRM as it is using enabler.js, despite no need for rich media. Not necessarily significant, as it is probably created by an agency, that is reimbursed for the higher cost of rich media,
  21. I created a template for each ad size, so that the DCM clickTag var and the canvas style resize for authoring at twice the size, plus the window.open function are already baked in. If you are authoring at twice the size, each size has its own style, making find and replace trickier across sub folders. Really never cared for Dreamweaver, so I am using Notepad++. Whoever thought the find and replace UI did not need to be nice and long so you can see all of what you are finding and replacing should be shot. But hey it is free, so I can't complain too much. For instance: <canvas id="canvas" width="600" height="500" style="background-color:#FFFFFF; width:300px; height:250px" onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)"></canvas> So all you have to do is choose import template in publish setting, and recheck overwrite HTML. It is helpful to be seeing my previews at actual size, while authoring, since 600x1200 and 1556x180 are huge. Attached. Follow this blog post to create your own. http://blogs.adobe.com/animate/using-animate-cc-html5-canvas-templates-with-multiple-publish-profiles/#comment-1738 bannerTemplates_X2.zip
  22. What Makes a Banner Ad Great? Plus, How to Create One http://blogs.adobe.com/animate/what-makes-a-banner-ad-great-plus-how-to-create/
  23. Snapping to pixels should correct that. I did not want to have to constantly be checking text to make sure it was on whole pixels, as I have too many sizes, versions to build. So I am using snap to pixel, until I see a reason not to My next to do, is to create a publish profile for each ad size, since each double size banner has it's own style to change it back to 1X. http://blogs.adobe.com/animate/using-animate-cc-html5-canvas-templates-with-multiple-publish-profiles/ I think which CDN link you use is not that big of a deal, because the idea is the link is cached. With Adobe CDN being the default, I have a feeling it is likely cached.
  24. I don't bother changing the CDN link from Adobe to Google's, and have had no issues. It is one less thing to find and replace I have started adding pixel snapping stage.update(); stage.snapToPixelEnabled = true;
  25. Thanks Dipscom! flysi3000 I got dinged for a hidden file when I did my zipping on a network server. Did not happen locally. My FUBAR tip is to never assume that EPS you pasted from Illustrator was not a ginormous bitmap (1.5 MB) masquerading as a vector graphic, hiding in your published images folder, until you spot it right before zipping