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  1. " own Google Dude assigned to you" I assume that means spends the big bucks. I found out we were not paying for geotargeted Dynamic, Google employees were doing it for us as value added. I think Google wanted to stop doing that kind of hand holding, and not be in the business of trafficking Studio ads. i read they want every shop to have a QA certified person by end of this month. It was nice to have someone I could directly email though. I found out which rules I could break. (I have way more image assets than any one file uses, because of versioning, so DCM will not flag you for going over 10 assets. AdWords doesn't even catch it.
  2. LOL I found out the hard way, that Studio has nothing in common with the rest of the google/doubleclick alphabet soup. I initially thought all HTML5 banners would need to go through Studio. Luckily we had our own Google dude assigned to us.
  3. I would second some of what Dipscom said, except I know I read on DC's support docs somewhere, that your first clickTag will be clickTag0, and proceed from there. So the syntax is different, there is no exit, there is only clickTag. And if it is Edge authored you use this in Edge on your CTAs window.open(clickTag, "_blank"); so you will do window.open(clickTag0, "_blank"); etc Then in your published HTML doc in the head but ourside Edge runtime, you will also place <script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag0 = "https://www.google.com"; var clickTag1 = "https://www.google.com"; var clickTag2 = "https://www.google.com"; </script> You also delete the enabler.js script, it is not being used and all the DCRM specific code. . So yeah DCM is completely different from DCRM, and AdWords is different from DCM.
  4. Candice if you were Flash fluent before trying GWD, you may want to try Flash CC Canvas export with CreateJS. it solves the font problem, you simply break apart your text twice and it stays sharp even when scaled up. You only have classic tweens, but motion presets still work. The banner specific things you have to do are uncheck create spritesheet and overwrite HTMl if you use GSAP so you don't have to keep adding it back in every time you Test. You uncheck spritesheet because it creates a JSON file DC does not permit. Other than the overly long intro, this MAX presentaion is very informative, and it is banner specific. https://images-tv.adobe.com/avp/vr/155ad5fb-a467-45ba-a599-6f0e3b4806ad/3e5d068a-7998-41d1-8607-d4f04a5579df/1aa439ad-0773-4ee7-b88b-28393984b4a0_20151007114929.854x480at800_h264.mp4 Let me know if you have questions, tthere are a couple other banner specific tips.
  5. I find it interesting that Google is providing Adobe CDN links for the createJS suite of files and not the Adobe Edge Animate one. My company uses DCM, but the bounces from AdWords have come from an AdWords vendor after the creative is created in DCM, so the fix (SSL compliance on a Google font that DCM did not balk at) had to go back through DCM before being resubmitted to the vendor who does the AdWords lifting.
  6. Out of curiosity I converted an existing Flash banner with lots of fairly tedious to recreate staggered classic tweens (text fly in effect) I originally found on Flashkit. Just selecting the dynamic text and choosing break apart (twice) returned the text to the original font it was rendered in. Deselected CDN for the JS files and create spritesheet, the lockup was the only bitmap (6k not tinyPNGed), and it is just 78K zipped. There are a couple things that don't seem necessary. Having a traditional Flash button symbol is all you need to enable a cursor, instead of stage.enableMouseOver() or this.childMC.cursor = "pointer"; I think I am going to stick with <script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = "https://www.google.com"; </script> onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)" because you can see it, whereas clickTags in an FLA file are hidden, and sometimes we forget
  7. Thanks! I tried to get an AS2 rollover movieclip button to work yesterday and gave up. I wondered what that frequency code was for. This blog post has some AS to JS conversion examples. http://blogs.adobe.com/flashpro/converting-your-flash-ads-to-html5-canvas/ And some useful utilities, HTML5 Canvas Size Report and Filter Finder https://blogs.adobe.com/flashpro/behind-the-scenes-of-html5-canvas-rendering-performance/
  8. Try Kirupa. Unlike actionscript.org, Kirupa is still very interested in creating tutorials for the post Flash world, and who better than the Kirupian gurus? http://forum.kirupa.com/t/given-that-adobe-has-discontinued-edge-animate-to-focus-on-flash-cc-canvas/633963
  9. Hi ohem, I looked at the sample canvas banner FLA created by Grant Skinner on github. The rollover CTA is a button rather a movieclip. https://github.com/CreateJS/html5ads/tree/master/AdHelper Regarding retina displays, adhelper.js can handle that. http://createjs.com/html5ads/#HighDPISupport I just opened and converted an existing Flash banner to Canvas. The copy looked like cat barf. I am happy to report that you can select that dynamic text, and it appears as it was meant to (font), break apart twice, and voila, instant font fix. So existing banner FLAs are ripe for Canvas conversion.
  10. Here is my practice demo file. I created the first 3 blocks of text in my AS3 FLA, broke apart text, some once, some twice and for one, did not even convert to a movieclip symbol. then converted to Canvas. All tweening was added in the Canvas document FLA in Flash. The final device text illustrates what using that option in Canvas looks like. The third block of text uses a motion preset. the first copy block uses one of the built in code snippets this.addEventListener('tick', fl_FadeSymbolIn.bind(this)); this.movieClip_2.alpha = 0; function fl_FadeSymbolIn() { this.movieClip_2.alpha += 0.01; if(this.movieClip_2.alpha >= 1) { this.removeEventListener('tick', fl_FadeSymbolIn.bind(this)); } } I would attach my Canvas FLA but I don't have permission to attach that type of file. Using the CDN for libraries, and using Flash to create the background and red rectangle has my zip at 8K. canvasPossibilities_300x250_Canvas.zip
  11. First of all I would say that many bitmaps is possibly too many. In the MAX banner video, they say 5 to 8 server requests is ideal, and did mention a combo create/preloader/easel js file that he did not get around to covering. I had no luck finding it While the documentation does say 10 files, I reached out to our Google contact because I version banners up to 11 times for different logos. Because obviously only one logo per banner was actually being called, but it made preparing assets for DCM simpler. He put my sample way more than 10 files zip in DCM and there was no rejection based on number of files. Nor has anything come back from AdWords dinged for too many files. It is probably more of a self policing thing.
  12. The caveat is if you are doing banners uncheck create sprite sheets, as it creates a JSON file which Doubleclick won't allow. Experimenting with breaking apart text, certain fonts appear to need to be broken apart twice, others not. You do just do your GSAP coding in your Canvas doc in Flash, with the advantage of a timeline, by setting keyframes that correspond to the existence of the movie clip symbol just like GSAP for Flash. A button symbol does give you a cursor. Simply adding this to your published HTML file canvas div works for your clickTag onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)" as does this on your timeline referencing an instance name of your button symbol this.myBtn.on("click", function(evt){ window.open("clickTag", "_blank"); });
  13. Yes, if you watch the Adobe Max video, the long intro is the first 20 minutes, there is in depth discussion with GSAP being talked about at about the 54 minute mark. You author an AS3 Flash doc, then convert it to Canvas from the Command menu. Then you write your javascript instead of AS. So stop() becomes this.stop() All your text will be dynamic, simply break apart and if you fear there will be edits to your copy, keep a duplicate guide layer of your text. There are Canvas specific code snippets in the actions panel. You also want to do classic rather than motion tweens. https://images-tv.adobe.com/avp/vr/155ad5fb-a467-45ba-a599-6f0e3b4806ad/3e5d068a-7998-41d1-8607-d4f04a5579df/1aa439ad-0773-4ee7-b88b-28393984b4a0_20151007114929.854x480at800_h264.mp4 my notes here: http://greensock.com/forums-support-files/flashCC_canvas_HTML5ads.png
  14. Very cool, curtwiens! I feel like I have seen that ad in the wild.
  15. It is more than just Flash CC Canvas, it is AdHelper.js I think the new name has a lot to do with the Flash Player dependency being severed. And the fact they are ceasing dev of Edge.
  16. I think Edge was always way too buggy and not user friendly. Having to edit JS files in order to open your files that were perfectly fine when you closed them, is too much to expect of the average user. If you look at Adobe's Edge forum it appears they had major problems getting it to run on Macs. You don't have to wait for the new renamed version, it works now. CreateJS is built into Flash CC 2015. Just follow the steps. Best of all, no more font issues, so no more making transparent PNGs or SVGs of your text. https://github.com/CreateJS/html5ads https://github.com/CreateJS/html5ads/tree/master/AdHelper
  17. It is actually quite easy. Just author an AS3 FLA. Break apart your text, then convert to a Canvas doc. Uncheck create spritesheets and overwrite HTML under publish settings. https://forums.adobe.com/message/7852823#7852823
  18. Here is a link to the banner specific Flash CC to Canvas presentation. You can skip over about the first 20 minutes. GSAP gets a huge shout out at the 54 minute mark. https://max.adobe.com/sessions/max-online/#/video/4908 Here is the white paper http://createjs.com/html5ads/ This was a smart move on Adobe's part. The people who are upset about Edge never "got" Flash. I am fluent in Edge, and I am 100% faster in Flash.
  19. I would also be surprised if you don't get dinged for not having a contrasting border. I did not get dinged by DCM for black BG ad that did not have a contrasting border, but AdWords did reject it, because some placements are black BG sites. The other thing that could get you rejected is looping. 15 seconds or 3 times.
  20. Thanks Blake and Jonathan, I found another way, just uncheck create sprite sheet. Now my zipped file is only 69K. Now I had tinyPNGed my transparent assets, but i was doing that anyways just because i am my own K Weight Nazi. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31395269/one-line-of-code-converting-json-file-to-jsonp-with-js-extension What really has me excited about going back to Flash for HTML5 is this solves the stupid font issue. It goes against my sense of propriety to not have text be text, and to have to create images of copy, especially for so many different sizes, (hello Arial,Helvetica, Open Sans). Plus everything I did in Flash was so much faster. I like having a timeline. Given that Adobe is back to focusing on Flash CC Canvas I think it bodes well for future dev. For anyone who wants to try it, this works for the clickTag, just need a to add a cursor style. <script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = "https://www.google.com"; </script> </head> <body onload="init();"> <canvas id="canvas" width="300" height="250" style="background-color:#FFFFFF" onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)"></canvas> This is what Flash exports <script> var canvas, stage, exportRoot; function init() { canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"); images = images||{}; var loader = new createjs.LoadQueue(false); loader.addEventListener("fileload", handleFileLoad); loader.addEventListener("complete", handleComplete); loader.loadManifest(lib.properties.manifest); } function handleFileLoad(evt) { if (evt.item.type == "image") { images[evt.item.id] = evt.result; } } function handleComplete(evt) { exportRoot = new lib.fred_holiday_300x250_noJSON(); stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas); stage.addChild(exportRoot); stage.update(); createjs.Ticker.setFPS(lib.properties.fps); createjs.Ticker.addEventListener("tick", stage); } </script>
  21. "banners are limited to the number of assets." I reached out to our Doubleclick contact on that point because I have ads with 11 different logos that I just wanted to be able to swap, and have logos that were not even being called in the assets i was zipping, otherwise the folder structure needed to segregate all those versions would have been crazy. His reply was to just book it as an Enhanced Banner which everyone got upgraded to for free anyways. Once AdOps started booking them in DCM (I peeked) it was apparent that only 300x600s were being bumped to Enhanced Banners, and that was based on going over 200K because of larger images, not for the number of assets. So you might want to ask DC support if what I noticed is true. We have in house DCM AdOps. FYI you do want AdOps booking as Enhanced as the metrics are rich media in depth. The support docs say one thing but you don't always get dinged for the rules.
  22. Ads uploaded to DCM may or may not end up on the Google Display Network and or AdWords as I am not clear as to whether GDN and AdWords is synonymous. You can path to a CDN and your ad will upload successfully to DCM, and be successfully running on a Publisher's site(s) and still get a message from AdOps saying your ad was rejected for Adwords. AdWords does not allow any external file links to anything other than Google fonts. AdWords are super cheap ads where the advertiser only pays per click. The rest of the industry is impression based fees.
  23. This is what the Doubleclick documentation says. Not sure what it means. The Canvas export puts a JSON file in the images folder with the sprite sheet.
  24. I whipped up a 300x250 out of curiosity, I either broke apart or converted to a Bitmap my copy, before converting to graphic symbols for classic tweening (Canvas does not like motion tweens), then downloaded all the js files to please AdWords, and after adding the clicktag var and onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)" to the canvas div, zipped my files and it is only 79K Has anyone submitted a zipped Flash CC canvas export to DCM? In the images folder is a json file. I could have swore I saw a DCM support doc that said no json
  25. Christa, this is your clickTag for your HTMl doc. <script type="text/javascript"> var clickTag = "https://www.google.com"; </script> Your syntax for that var is onclick="javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)" Thanks Ohem, at least now i know why I did not get dinged for Google fonts but did get dinged for other externally hosted files by AdWords/Google Display Network. So perhaps pressure can be focused on getting certain JS library files hosted by Google, rather than pressuring AdWords to align with DCM, DFP and DCRM and allow external CDN links as long as they are SSL compliant.